Daily Prompt: The recording left little doubt.

Good morning everyone. it may still be raining, but despite the gray clouds I woke up pretty well this morning. Ready to hit the ground running actually. I’m not entirely certain why, but I am going to take it and run with it. So let’s start by jumping into the morning prompt. Ready? excellent! Let the timers begin!

I don’t often do murder mysteries, but this one could be interesting. The why seems pretty simple, money. But the details would have to be sorted before I could figure out the rest. Murder mysteries are always stories you have to think about backwards. Figure out who actually did the murder and then work backwards until you have the whole story and then of course write it. I think that’s one of the reasons I don’t often write murder mysteries. But it could be fun to try something different.

 Wednesday, September 22nd: The recording left little doubt.

The recording left little doubt.  Erica closed her eyes as the pain struck home. She sucked in a deep breath.  It seemed to sharpen the pain.  Still, she hadn’t gotten where she was by ignoring the pain.  She looked at the two men before her. 

One was her nephew by blood, but in truth she hardly knew him.  While her sister and the rest of the family visited on holidays, bringing him with them while he was small, it had been a while since his last visit.  Once he reached his majority and left home, he ceased to visit with the others. 

Some of the absence was to be expected.  He was away at university and a young man just starting out on his own had many draws upon his time.  Visiting older relatives was not usually considered one of the most delightful of tasks.  

However understandable it was, she knew that wasn’t the real reason that he stayed away.  She knew the rest of the family embarrassed him.  They came, always.  Every holiday, every event.  Every Sunday in fact as though they felt the need to imitate some standard ideal of a Sunday gathering.  It was however her money they wanted.  Each and everyone wanted to ingratiate themselves with her so that she would not forget them when she made her will. 

Kevin did not attend Sunday dinners and hadn’t since his eighteenth birthday.  He could generally still be relied upon to attend the Christmas gathering, but after wishing her well, he stayed towards the back while others pressed forward, trying to bring her close.  She looked into him of course.  He did his studies and graduated with decent grades.  He secured a good job and worked his way up through the ranks of his chosen field, changing companies when needed.  She still sent the birthday and Christmas presents and always received a thank you card from him and often some gift in return.  She rather liked the gifts actually.  And in truth actually liked him more than the rest of her sister’s brood if it came down to it.  Still she felt that she didn’t know him as well as the others.  And this man he brought with him, she felt she vaguely recognized.  Still there was the recording and it left little doubt.

‘But such things could be tampered with,’ she thought.  It was a dim hope but it cooled the hot pain enough for her to speak.

“How exactly was this recording made?” she asked. Her voice was calm and level.

“It was made by accident Aunt Erica,” Kevin said.  His eyes held sympathy. I was making notes for a project and forgot to turn it off when the others arrived.  During the visit it recorded until the end of the tape.  I didn’t realize until I went to play back my notes. “

“I see,” Erica replied.  “It does explain the sound.”

Kevin of feed her a half smile.  “You mean it doesn’t sound like a staged recording.”

She returned his half smile, a quick twist of the lips before they fell back into more seriously lines.  She turned to the other man.  “You seem familiar…Constable.”

“Detective,” He corrected.  “I was friends with Kevin growing up.  And my dad worked as one of your gardeners before he retired. I helped occasionally.” She nodded, now able to place the face.  Placing it settled her.  “And now you return because members of my family are plotting to kill me.”

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