Upcoming Prompts for the Week of September 27th – October 1st, 2021

I have to admit, seeing October 1st on the title sort of startled me. It shouldn’t. I know September only has 30 days. But it still felt a bit surprising. Not as surprising as it would if the weather hadn’t changed post rain storm session. The world is finally starting to cool down here. I’m contemplating baking again. In the summertime even the thought of turning on the oven sends sweat rolling down my spine. So it was nice to have thoughts of baking again.

But you aren’t interested in my baking. You are interested in the upcoming prompts. So here is the list that will take us into October.

Monday, September 27th: There was only one problem.

Tuesday, September 28th: He sensed weakness.

Wednesday, September 29th: He turned over the possibilities.

Thursday, September 30th: You have no idea.

Friday, October 1st: The pressure was intense.

I think it looks like an interesting list. But then I always think it looks like an interesting list. What can I say? Almost any sentence can spark a story. It is the way my brain is wired. Not all of the stories will be good and some will be scenes rather than stories, but disconnected sentences always seem to need a home and my brain wants to provide one. Like a home for drifting thoughts.

Good or bad, those are the prompts for the upcoming week and they are in the order I plan to write them. As always, you can shake up the order or do s many or as few as you like. It is your call. They are there for you to play with. And now I am going to forget that they are there until I start with the first one on Monday morning. Until then, have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend.

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