Writing Prompt: He turned over the possibilities.

Good morning one and all. A slow start here this morning. Allergies have me sniffling a bit, but otherwise all is doing well. Wednesday seems to be shaping up nicely actually. So let’s not stand in the way and get moving on our morning writing prompt. Ready? Good. Let’s go.

Hmm. I think this one needs some details before I figure out how I feel about it. As I was writing I could feel the back of my brain compiling a list of questions that needed to be answered. I didn’t really answer any of them in the fifteen minutes I wrote and I would need answers before I did anything with this bit.

Wednesday, September 29th: He turned over the possibilities.

He turned over the possibilities.  He could take the job or he could let it go, but there were ways of doing each that would greatly affect the outcome. 

He could take the job and tell no one.  If he chose this option he could make certain that his residence was far from the normal pathways of the others.  Once settled he could watch and take in the social landscape, deciding if he wanted his presence to be known or if he wanted to continue in secret.

He could take the job and announce his relocation.  Then he could smash into their world like a wrecking ball, settling into the center of it and reestablishing their relationships around his design, giving them no chance to dictate terms.

He could turn down the job entirely.  Again there were options.  He could publicly refuse and give the reasons he didn’t want it, thus shaming those he was leaving behind.  He knew they would scramble with public opinion if nothing else.  His refusal would turn a light upon their affairs and people would start looking.  They could be blamed for his refusal and as he knew there were others looking to him to see if he was going to take the job before they thought about relocation, they could be blamed for the stalling of the city’s economics.

The city was currently slowly rising from the ashes of its former glory.  Its destruction had nearly been complete in the last war, the physical damage nearly making it uninhabitable.  However it was the political and economic restructuring that caused more damage than mere cannon fire could do. They were taken to the brink and were clawing their way out of irrelevance.  Anyone who prevented that would be looked upon with ill favor.

His final option was to step away.  Politely decline, offer no details or even just a polite refusal about the timing not being right.  No one would blame him and to be fair his involvement in many other realms would offer an easily understandable excuse.  Justification would not be required.  However, he doubted such an opportunity would come again.  Even if a new position was later offered to him allowing for a return to the city, it might not have the elements he desired. 

This position was nearly perfect.  Part of that was the timing and part of it was the current perception of his skills.  The world was having a moment where for him everything clicked.  He knew such moments were rare and the world would soon shift again.  If he was to have this opportunity he needed to seize it now. 

Or let his former home slip away from him for good.

When he thought he couldn’t go back, he remade himself elsewhere.  Leaving had been hard, but he always told himself he would return some day.  This opportunity allowed him to do that and to do it on his own terms.  He could return to the things he loved and mitigate the circumstances he despised.

In the end, he decided he couldn’t walk away completely.  He couldn’t let it go.  He also couldn’t settle himself back in their midst without first seeing the world the city had become in his absence.  He had been gone a long time and things changed.  It was the one constant in his world.  He decided he would need to see how the world worked before announcing his presence.  While he accepted the job, he slipped silently into the city, placing himself far from the others.  In time, he would see if the distance would change.

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