Writing Prompt: You have no idea.

Morning all. I’ll admit, I knew it was coming, yet this morning when I looked at the calendar somehow i was still surprised that today was September 30th. I don’t know why that was surprising to see, yet it was. I think it is those thirty day months. They always seem to surprise me. Like am ambiguous sentence with the punctuation sheered off so you can’t tell if it is a declaration or a question. But end of the month or not, it is time for the morning prompt. So let’s just dive in.

I spun my wheels on that one a lot. I’m beginning to think I do better with my morning prompts when I only feel half awake. The ones I write when I feel fully awake never seem to go as well for me. Something I’ll think about later I expect.

Thursday, September 30th: You have no idea.

“You have no idea,” the words were tired, all venom pulled from them.  Tina found herself unable to add any emotion.  She was drained. ‘And it no longer matters.’

“I have no idea,” the indignant squawk seemed to fill the room. “I?” An unlady like snort followed ad Margaret took center stage.  She showed no sign of slowing down, exhaustion.  She showed only affront and self righteous rage.

Watching her stalk across the room waving dramatically to illustrate her points and making declarations that Tina felt certain Margaret truly believed caused her to feel even more exhausted than before.

‘I knew it wouldn’t change,’ Tina thought as she watched her stepsister.

Often Tina thought of fairytales when she thought of Margaret.  While there might have been some truth to Margaret being the self-entitled evil step sister, Tina could hardly claim to be used as a household drudge.  Tine just grew up in the side of the family where privileges were earned instead of handed out as one’s due.  Tina grew up with the expectation of standing on her own two feet and making her way in the world with little to no help from the family. 

Margaret was raised to assume someone would always take care of the difficult bits for her so that she could simply enjoy her life. It meant that Tina had little contact with Margaret when it wasn’t required by family gatherings.  She was only here to attend a birthday party.  Tina hadn’t expected the ambush.

‘I should have known something was wrong when they chose this place.’ Tina thought as Margaret showed no signs of winding down. 

The birthday party for her father was a birthday weekend held on a small island.  Dominating the island was an old castle.  It was restored by the current owners.  Tina vaguely recalled the current owners being descendants of the people who built the castle in the first place.  It was built as a stronghold, a refuge in times of need.  Over time it became an escape of sorts for the family and now the family turned it into a small hotel providing an escape for other families, at least in the short term. 

The island was only accessible by boat and even that was dependent on tides and weather.  There was only spotty cell service and no internet to speak of.  Tina thought it sounded like an interesting concept and a way to make a familial white elephant property sustainable and possibly profitable.  In fact after meeting the owners and operators she liked them quite a lot.

‘I should have known it was a trap,’ Tina thought.  As soon as the boat pulled away from shore, heading back to the mainland the campaign began.  By the time they reached the house with the luggage it was apparent that the birthday was a thin disguise.  This weekend was about getting her to help Margaret out of her current dilemma.  By the time the staff passed out their room keys, they were already sending pitying glances her way.  Tina wondered how many other people used the island’s seclusion to attempt to rope others into their plans.

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