Upcoming Writing Prompts for the Week of October 4th – 8th, 2021

Another week of prompts successfully logged into the story idea database. Some were good, some were merely an emptying of the brain to make space for hopefully better ideas. And a couple were things I may not have the use for now but may come in handy later. It always amazes me how some of the things that my brain can come up with randomly in a morning writing prompts can, three or more months down the line, end up being just the right scene to take the story I am later working on in the right direction.

But that is always something to look back on. Nothing really screamed ‘break me out into my own story’ this week, although I have to admit this morning’s prompt did seem like it might attract my interest later.

So let’s see what we’ll be working with next week, shall we?

Monday, October 4th: The sun was bright.

Tuesday, October 5th: It was just out of reach.

Wednesday, October 6th: He feigned surprise.

Thursday, October 7th: The habit was hard to break.

Friday, October 8th: The car door slammed.

Five simple sentences. I wonder what stories they will start. We’ll see next week I suppose. Until then i am going to forget that they are there and concentrate on … well anything else really. Happy Friday everyone. I hope yours is quite a fabulous one.

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