Writing Prompt: The Pressure was intense.

Happy Friday one and all. We have reached the part of the year where at night the central air system just sort of freaks out. It isn’t cold enough for the heat but it isn’t warm enough for the air conditioner and so the air stands still all night ling instead of circulating through the house. I always wake up feeling stuffy. I suspect that tonight, I am just going to have to crack the window just a bit to get at least a little bit of air movement. Still, all in all, the stuffiness is fading as I move around and I have high hopes for a good Friday. So, let’s begin.

I rather liked this one. Not at all where I thought i would go with it, but who doesn’t like a space adventure every now and again?

Friday, October 1st: The pressure was intense.

The pressure was intense.  She could feel it in every bone of her body, as though each of her bones was fitted with some sort of vise.  Admittedly her flesh wasn’t feeling much better.  It felt compressed like the vacuum sealed food they consumed on the journey.

Or had until it ran out and they were left with the subpar back up food capsules. She had never gotten used to taking her nutrients in pill format and was half convinced that most of the pill dissipated without fulfilling its task.  When she dreamt it was to dream of sinking her teeth into actual foods.  At the moment carrots were her fantasy food of choice.  She lusted after the crunch and taste of the fresh vegetable more than she ever lusted after another person in her life. 

If anyone had told her younger self that, she would have laughed until tears leaked out of her eyes and she risked wetting herself.

Now the pressure was doing its best to force tears out of her eyes and possible even wet herself without the humor she might once have enjoyed.  Despite the pressure she struggled to keep her hands locked onto the steering controls.  Right now she was the only one who had a chance of getting them to safety. 

‘And I’m not dying without fulfilling my carrot fantasy,’ she thought.  She clamped her teeth together and promised them they would get the chance to bite into a carrot again.  She felt something pop and felt a small jab of pain.  Then the sensation of dripping as though she had a bad cold.  She couldn’t spare a hand to wipe it but suspected she had a nose bleed.  It happened before during a particularly rough training session.

There was humor in that, as she wasn’t supposed to have gone through that particular training session, but she buried the humor for later.  Later, when she ate the carrot she promised her teeth, she would laugh about the training session.  A sensor to her left went off sounding a warning.  Her nose wasn’t the only thing giving into the pressure.  She could spare the alarm no more than a passing glance to determine that it wasn’t anything vital, or at least no more vital than anything else at the moment.  They broke through the atmosphere, the pressure easing slightly.  She felt the sweat at her hairline. 

The systems were taking most of the heat away so that it was hot inside but bearable, survivable.  They dove down, fast.  Too fast.  She adjusted the angle slightly slowing them down a fraction and bringing them into acceptable parameters.  Outside the world was awash with color. Red, yellow and Blue dominated as the heat of their entry burned along their edges.  Any scrap of dust and dirt ignited causing small flashes before disappearing. 

They dropped and she again adjusted their course trying to flatten the line and slow their speed.  It was a fight for control and everything faded away, her vision and efforts honed to her hands on the controls, the level of the descent and the speed.

Another warning sounded but they were low now, and she couldn’t even spare it a second’s worth of attention.  They slammed into the ground but kept moving.  They were flat enough not to crash into the ground but they skimmed along at high speeds, taking out trees and glancing off rocks too large to be swept along with them. Instead of staring at the instruments, her eyes fluttered across the windscreen, scanning the rushing world and trying to steer around obstacles that would crush them as well as using the turns to slow their speed. Finally, their momentum was spent and their ship came to rest.

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