Writing Prompt: The sun was bright.

Good Monday morning all. The rains have once again returned but this time they brought warm air so instead of being cool and rainy, it just feels very swampy. Not really the best feeling for the morning, but it is what we have. There will be no coffee on the back porch this morning. It does make me glad I took advantage of every morning last week though. So with no time outside eminent, lets just kick off with the Monday morning Prompts and then have coffee at the desk.

I think I was just starting to get an idea for this story when the timer went off. To be honest, I might go back and add a few more paragraphs to this before the story idea floats loose again.

Monday, October 4th: The sun was bright.

The sun was bright.  She expected it to be hot as well, but there was a chill in the air.  She looked at the sky.  Usually with sun this bright and air this cold, the sky was a fragile blue, more reminiscent of ice and looking like it wanted to shatter.  Today the blue of the sky was a deep azure that reminded her of the Mediterranean. 

She shivered as the wind knifed through her clothing.  There were no holes or tears in the cloth, but the wind seemed to filter through the weave of the cloth as though it were a sieve, distilling the chill from the air so it numbed her skin beneath the cloth.

She hadn’t counted on the cold, at least not this kind of cold this quickly.  She thought she had a few more weeks before a chill even set in during the night.  As she looked around, she saw that the trees were just as taken by surprise as she was. 

Their leaves, barely touched with yellow edges the day before now littered the ground. She saw them scattered about the ground, still mostly green with summer’s heat.  The trees looked naked.  It was less the naked of winter and more a surprise naked as though caught off guard as their garments disintegrated around them. 

The sound of gravel crunching caused her to turn her head.  She saw the small van she remembered from the day before.  It was parked in front of the building where she picked up her keys before driving through the gates. 

The van pulled up in front of the house she was renting for the year, no matter that it was called a cabin, she couldn’t think of it as anything but a house.  The van doors opened and to men got out.  One was the man who handed her the keys the day before.  He was older, rounder and had a bushy mustache that reminded her of a walrus. The man with him was younger. He was not quite so round and thus far clean shaven, but there was a similarity to them marking them as family. 

“Morning Ma’am,” the older one called as he walked over.  “With this sudden cold snap we just wanted to check the heat.  We weren’t expecting to need it turned on for a few weeks but it seems mother nature decided on a surprise winter attack.”

“It seems so,” She replied.

“We figured you must be chilled to the bone,” He said.  He stopped a comfortable distance from her.  She could see the younger man taking a tool kit out of the van. The mustachioed man turned to look at the man as well. 

“That’s my son Kevin,” he said.  “You wouldn’t have met him yesterday so I thought it best if I come along to let you know who he was while he worked.”

“Thanks,” she replied.  “So this is an unexpected cold?”

“It is ma’am,” he replied.  Kevin nodded to them both as he and his tool kit passed and went towards the house. “We really shouldn’t have this kind of weather for at least a few more weeks, maybe longer.”  He looked towards the trees and frowned slightly.

“They do look  bit surprised,” She said. 

His frown melted into a grin.  “They do at that,” he conceded.

She led him back into the house and out of the cold where they could sit and have coffee while Kevin worked.  In the back of her mind the unseasonable weather took on an almost menacing air.  There was only one person she knew with that kind of power.  ‘Bet even he wouldn’t…Surely not.”  She tried not to think of it as she made pleasant conversation.

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