Writing Prompt: It was just out of reach.

Morning all. this morning isn’t as dark and gloomy as yesterday was but it still looks a bit like October is finally here. I know once I step out of the cool of the house the still warm air will make it feel like the beginning of September rather than October, but indoors with the house still night cool it feels like October. I love October. I love that first chill that makes me reach for a sweater for the first time in months. But it is really a few weeks away at this point. Still I will enjoy the temporary illusion. Shall we work on our morning prompt while I am still enjoying my delusion? Good, let’s go.

Okay I like this one. Patricia feels like a character I could do something with. And I kind of like the world that is starting to shape around her, even if only in my mind. Definitely something to come back to.

Tuesday, October 5th: It was just out of reach.

It was just out of reach.  She stretched as far as she could.  She braced herself on the wall and went as high on her tip toes as she could.  Still the rope was just out of reach.

“Hurry up Garrett.” 

Patricia always hated the way the gym teacher called her last name.  She knew that her last name was used because she was the youngest of fifteen siblings and many just found it easier to us the surname on ‘This Year’s Garrett.’ She had almost gotten used to it from the other teachers.  But the gym teacher said it in a way that sounded like an insult. 

Patricia couldn’t help that she was very little like the rest of her family.  She was the only child from her father’s eight marriage and while all of the fourteen who came before her resembled their father, she resembled her mother. 

“And they are all boys to boot,’ Patricia thought.  “and much taller.”

She stretched and her fingertips managed to just grasp the end of the rope.  She pulled her other hand from the wall and holding as best she going with the one hand jumped a little and managed a firmer grip on the rope.  She braced her feet on the wall and managed to scramble up to a higher hand hold, finally making it up the wall and over to the other side.  She landed on her feet and straightened.  Her body was aching and her shoulders nearly felt ripped out of their sockets, but she made it.

Trained from her first breath in the fact that the Garetts did not show weakness in front of others, Patrica stilled her breath so she did not look like she was panting from the exertion and casually smoothed a hand over her rumpled hair.

It took everything she had, but she made it through the obstacle course.  Her teacher checked the timer and lifted an eyebrow in surprise.

“Passable,” the Mr. Harding admitted grudgingly.  He pressed the button and the slip of paper printed out.  He handed the paper to her.  Patricia took it in her hands, clamping her fingers tightly around the edges.  Passing meant that she would not have to take this course again.  She would be free of it.

“I’d say congratulations,” Mr. Harding continued.  “But it was the worst score a Garrett has ever received.”

Patricia nodded.  The insult was nothing new where he family was concerned.  They were known for their physical prowess.  She was known for her brains. Still she had the slip.  Patricia gripped it hard and left the course, walking directly to the registrar.  He looked up from work as she approached him in his station.

He blinked in surprise at her approach but took the paper all the same.  “Garrett, Patricia,” he read out loud.  “Five hours, twenty-eight minutes,” he read out.  “Under the eight hour time limit and therefore considered passing. You are the first of your class to complete and pass the physical training course. Congratulations. “

He entered her information into the system and handed her the silver badge she would need to clip to her uniform to show that she completed the physical part of her training.

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