Writing Prompt: Understanding dawned.

Good morning all and welcome to a foggy Monday morning. My brain feels a bit fuggy, but I think that also might be the allergy meds. The rain finally stopped but then a blast of unseasonably warm weather baked the mold to dust. A walk in the park yesterday has left me doubting the wisdom of outdoor activities. Still, it was a pretty good weekend over all, so I can’t complain. I hope yours was either the fabulously exciting time you wished for or the quiet retreat you needed. But now it is time to start the week. Ready for the Monday prompt? Good. Then let’s begin.

I like the really short sentences sometimes. They leave things wide open for whatever story is there to latch on to. Not entirely certain why this one came out, but I’m willing to take it.

Monday, October 11th: Understanding dawned.

Understanding dawned.  “You never intended to do anything about it,” she said.  Her voice was half incredulous, half accusatory and Dave held his hands up in mock self-defense.

“Hey,” he said,” A smile teasing his lips.  “Of course I intended to do something about it.  It just seems to me that nothing would be gained by interfering.  I mean, things seem to be on the right track.  Maybe you should just let it go.”

His smile, his posture, his tone.  All of it conveyed the confidence of a man accustomed to charming his way out of any difficulty.  How often had she seen him do it?  How often had she seen him talk others into letting him slide?  Letting him get away with things?  His skills worked on both men and women and he employed it equally. 

It still made her feel foolish.  How often had he used those same skills on her?  She lost count. She always told herself it was unimportant.  Those times she let him talk her out of her anger were small, inconsequential in the big picture.  She told herself that if it were important it would be a different matter.

This wasn’t small.  This wasn’t inconsequential.  And it was important.

Yet here he stood.  Letting things slide once again.  Trusting others would deal with the consequences.  That nothing would affect him.  His smile widened in her silence as he was confident that he would once again get away with doing nothing that didn’t inconvenience him. 

And that was what it was to him, an inconvenience Talking to John about the situation would have been uncomfortable.  So he didn’t and he simply trusted that he would be able to spin whatever the result was.  Dave patted her shoulder.

“See everything worked out,” he said. 

She remained mute.  Alice wasn’t entirely certain what her expression said as her mind was whirling. Her thoughts felt like a kaleidoscope.  Dave took whatever expression she offered as a positive and sauntered past her.  She heard him push the door open in the wall behind her and step into the other room.

She heard John. “Well?” he asked.  His voice sounded nervous.

“I told you she’d come around,” Dave replied.

The kaleidoscope of her thoughts slammed to stillness. ‘No I will not.’ She decided. 

The thought galvanized her into motion.  She marched straight ahead and through the door on the opposite side of the room.  This door took her out of the building and into the parking lot.  Her body seemed to move on auto pilot.  She blinked and was standing in front of her car.  She blinked again and her keys were in her hand.  She blinked again and she was driving.  There was no thought of her destination but when she blinked again, she found herself parked in front of Sean’s house. 

While Sean was her best friend and had been since they faced down a bully together in the first grade, he was also one of the best attorneys in the state.  He had been advising her to enact the clauses in her contract with John for a while now.  She nodded to herself.  Perhaps her body knew better than her brain.  It was time to let her lawyer loose to do his job.

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