Writing Prompt: His belly quivered.

Good morning all. Woke up a little ahead of the alarm and am actually feeling pretty good. So I am getting started with my day just a little bit early. Hopefully that means I stay one step ahead of everything today. I’m not counting on it, but it is nice to think it is possible. And if I can wake up ahead of the alarm, anything is possible. So on to the prompt.

I expected the fear of heights to be the defining factor, but somehow it morphed on me. I’m not mad about it actually. It’s just unexpected.

Tuesday, October 12th: His belly quivered.

His belly quivered.  The distance hadn’t looked that great before.  But that was when he was standing safely on the ground, both feet planted firmly as he tilted his head up.  Then it looked like no big deal.  He got his gear together and began the climb.  Since he was new, the others set the pace.  He watched and used the hand holds they used.  He mimicked their actions and kept his thoughts to himself.

Who chose to climb up a wall of rock in their free time?

He spent most of his days pushing his mind and body to its limits.  When he managed to score some free time he wanted calm, restful quiet.

Of course, his love of calm and quiet when he wasn’t working was why he was here in the first place.  At this point most of his closest friends were either far away or married and raising small children.  He knew the other people he worked with worried about him.  They thought he was becoming too much of a hermit for his own good.

For the most part he could ignore it but lately it seemed the company psychiatrist was paying more attention to their overheard conversations.  Devon heard about him.  Dr. Teeth was his nickname.  One look and the moniker seemed apt as he had a rather predominant set of front teeth on display.  However the name came more from the fact that once he locked you into his radar he clamped down like a bull dog and didn’t let go until he had shaken whatever it was he wanted out of you.

Feeling the eyes and ears of Dr. Teeth swing his way, Devon made it a point to spot the announcement for the rock climbing group on the company announcements board.  His work friends encouraged him and told him it sounded like a great place to meet someone. 

While rock climbing as a hobby wasn’t his thing, he was familiar with the gear and the movements.  He took several courses in mountain rescue and wasn’t half bad.  He simply didn’t see why it would be considered a fun activity.  Still he did his best. 

There were several women there, a couple of them rather attractive.  He made pleasant conversation, but avoided any flirting.  He was looking for a story to tell to others, not an actual date, or an uncomfortable ride back to town. 

They reached the top of the ridge and once his feet were once again planted firmly on rock, he looked back down. The ground seemed much further way than he thought it would.  The sight made him slightly uncomfortable and he turned away.  The others had continued down a short trail towards the next rock face they wanted to scale. 

While he was happy that several of them were attractive, Devon couldn’t claim that the conversation was very stimulating.  Male or female, none of the conversations held very much interest for him.  He could hear some words drifting back towards him and he hung back a bit, enjoying the view.  He didn’t want to be left behind but he wanted to stay out of conversational range.  His stock of small talk was already gone.  The voices faded and after listening to the silence, he convinced himself to follow.  As he started down the trail, the sound of gunfire reached his ears sounding loud and just ahead of him.

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