Writing Prompt: The heat was intense.

Morning all. I have a really good feeling about today. No clue why. There aren’t any signs that this will be a particularly good day. No real plans for fun and fabulous things. It just sort of feels that way to me. So I’m not going to poke it too much and just get on with having a good day. So lets start with out morning prompt. Timers at the ready? then let them go because we are off.

That was fun. I was just starting to get a feel for Gavin when the timer dinged. I think I could have fun with this story at some point.

Thursday, October 14th: The heat was intense.

The heat was intense.  Sweat rolled off him in what felt like a never ending wave.  Still he kept walking.  They all knew that this planets sun was a little closer to the planet than they were used to back on Earth, but the difference was described as too minor to prevent colonization in all of the literature.  Gavin always thought that the press secretary more than the scientists had written the manuals they were all now living by.

This planet, Echo 4926 in the official records, was classified as an earth like planet and in the better part of the year it was very much earth like.  The season they termed summer in the area where their small colony lived was brutal.  Even now, when the sun was close to setting, the temperatures were still hot enough for his sweat to soak through. 

The colony was designed to be self-sufficient and they were, for the most part successful in their early efforts.  The one thing that Gavin had a hard time adjusting to was the seasonal switch.  Nothing could be grown in the summertime.  So all of the traditional summertime favorites were scattered elsewhere throughout the year.  There was no real winter to speak of, and the coolest part of the year brought in a bountiful crop.  It was a reversal for him and one he was having a hard time mentally adjusting. 

Wondering why he was having such issues mentally swapping his seasons around kept his mind from dwelling too much on the heat.  Right now the ground was baked hard around him.  The sweat that dripped from him to hit the ground instead of being absorbed into his clothing caused dust to splatter up in a way similar to water dripping into a pool.

Normally they all stayed indoors or as close to it as possible during the summer months. It was only sensible and kept them all from broiling away.  Gavin’s watch beeped it’s alarm and he stopped.  He pulled his water bottle from his back pack and took a long draw from it.  He wasn’t rationing water.  He brought enough with him to see him there and back with some water to spare.  However the alarm was to remind him that he needed to drink.  Out here the reminder was needed.

Once his bottle was out, Gavin resumed waling as he replenished some of his lost fluids.  The timing of his trip was well thought out.  While traveling in the dark wasn’t too much of an issue the anomaly needed to be seen in daylight. 

Gavin shook his head.  ‘It should have been investigated earlier.’

He in fact advocated for a wider search when they arrived but once they scanned the area set up for their initial settlement, everyone was ready to settle in and get started.  The theory was that the team that dropped off their supplies would have done a more thorough search.  He disagreed but was outvoted.  It wasn’t the first time and he doubted it would be the last.  It was only now when things were more established that anyone thought to expand the survey area.  The anomaly was found and Gavin was sent to investigate.

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