Upcoming Prompts for the week of October 18th – 22nd, 2021

That’s right it is time once again for the list of next week’s prompts. And in case you are wondering in my head I heard the voice of Kermit the frog welcoming everyone to a new episode of the Muppet Show in myb head when I wrote that. You know, just in case you want the visual to go with the words. Please remember to stretch the arms wide and wiggle the hands wildly as you read.

You know, for authenticity.

It’s just going to be one of those days folks. I can feel it.

So Listed below are the prompts I plan to write on next week. They are in the order I plan to write them. You can write along with me each day and marvel at the different ways that different brains can take the same sentence. You can pick one or two and just write on those. You can shake them up and write them in a different order completely. Or you could not write at all and just kick back and see what pops out of my brain each morning. The choice is yours.

 Monday, October 18th: Rain pelted down.

Tuesday, October 19th: The sky was clear.

Wednesday, October 20th:The sea was whipped to a frenzy by the wind.

Thursday, October 21st: How could I have known?

Friday, October 22nd: The car was reversing at speed.

So those are the prompts for next week. I am going to now pretend i didn’t see them and forget about them until they arrive each day. Mostly so I don’t over think them.

As an aside, Soon I will be flipping back through the prompts I did this year to choose one to break out in next year’s Fifteen Minute Novel segment. I did it this year (and am still doing it) and while I enjoyed it, I also learned a lot while doing it. I am hoping to put those lessons into effect next year as I try the experiment again. Anyway if there were any prompts that you read my write out for this year and think that you would like to see me actually work on, let me know. Since I am going to be inflicting the posts on you next year, you might as well have an opinion. Let me know if you do.

And so with that I leave you. I’ll be back here bright and early Monday Morning. Have a great weekend.

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