Writing Prompt: He stretched his hand to the sky.

Good morning and welcome to Friday. I’m in a pretty good mood today. The coffee is calling, but it isn’t an insistent draw, just a habit. I got enough sleep s that it isn’t a need. my nose is a bit stuffy which is sort of par for the course with the weather yo-yoing like it has been. But otherwise I am prepared for a really good Friday. Shall we kick it off with the morning prompt? Of course, I’m sure you are thinking, don’t we always? Why yes, yes we do. So timers set and brains at the ready. Here we go.

Okay I can’t lie. I just flat out like this one. It definitely gets a star next to it so that when I look at what story to break out for next year this will be a contender.

Friday, October 15th: He stretched his hand to the sky.

He stretched his hand to the sky.  On days like today, he felt as though the sun were pouring directly into him, giving him energy the same way it did the plants.  He splayed his fingers wide  admiring the play of shadow and light.  The light shone through the vs of his fingers falling in uninterrupted beams of gold while his fingers cast long shadows along his face.  The effect was highlighted by his now summer tanned skin.  While the surface of his hand was quite tanned, the skin at the crux of the v in his fingers was still pale. 

‘Not surprising as I don’t usually walk around with my fingers wide in the sunshine,” Heston doubted the insides of his fingers ever saw the sun.  Splayed in the light it made a pleasing contrast.  White, Gold Brown. In the light the tips of his nails had gone translucent.

‘Not just the tips,’ he thought.  Heston smiled,  in the light his fingertips shaded from translucent to gols.  He felt lined with light.  His smile faltered as he realized he could see the outlines of his finger bones in the light.  He could even see the slight knotty bend in the one he broke when he was a child.  There was a dark line across the bone where it broke as though the bone carried the memory and then the slightly bent bit where it didn’t heal completely straight.

Heston’s smile faded completely as he realized he could see the other bones in his hand and now his arm.  He lowered his hand but he could still see through the skin and muscle and tissue to the bones beneath.  He looked down at his hand and arm, no longer holding it to the light and realized that his other hand was going translucent gold as well. 

He wiggled his fingers experimentally.  Everything still worked properly.  It was somewhat disconcerting to see the bones move beneath his skin.  A sudden thought occurred to him and he bent down and tugged up his pant leg.  His fingers seemed to spray light across the cloth as though he had become the sun. 

His trouser leg lifted to expose his shin.  It too was glowing gold. He dropped the garment in shock and straightened.  Was his entire body glowing?  He turned and raced to the river.  The surface would be rippling but he would be able to see. 

‘And at this time of day there will be no one there,’  While he was often chided for his foolish fantasies, this was something different.  Something strange.  The people of his village didn’t always deal well with the strange.  Each of his neighbors fit together like pieces in a clockwork.  They might all be different but they all knew their places and fit comfortably within the mechanism of village life. 

He didn’t.  He never had.  His Da told him that he just needed to find his place and all would be well.  The issue was that he often tried to hard when given a task in an attempt to find his place and bungled the entire thing.

‘Glowing isn’t going to help,’ he thought as he raced to the water’s edge.  Heston stood on the bank and took a deep breath.  He leaned over to peer at himself in the water.  His face was glowing.  He could see the bones of his skull beneath the flesh.  Oddly his eyes stood out as thought they were two gold coins.  His hair looked like strands of gold metal.  For a moment he seemed to grow brighter.  Then there was a flash. Heston blinked away the after images and looked at himself in the water.  He was no longer glowing.  Whatever happened was over.

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