Writing Prompt: Rain pelted down.

Good morning all. Boy am I stuffy today. I am nit sure if it is the weather change or the fact that the weather change caused the heater to actually kick on. This morning the dew on the grass was crunchy and I spent a good four minutes sneezing my head off. I’m hoping it was just the heater kicking on and not a seasonal cold. Eith4er way I am avoiding people and working at my desk. It is for the best. So let’s get the show on the road. Let the first prompt of the week commence!

This was fun. Not sure where it is going but I think it could go somewhere at some later point in time. Which is a nice way to start the week.

 Monday, October 18th: Rain pelted down.

Rain pelted down.  The roads, already in bad condition from the heavy traffic of the last market day of the season, turned to thick impassable mud.  There would be no going anywhere until the grpoud either dried out or froze over.  At this time of year it was an even guess as to which would come first. 

The truth of the matter was, they were stuck.

A well cultured set of protests from the upper floors of the inn signaled that the Master and his wife now learned the state of affairs and were not pleased by the reality.  Tuck sighed heavily.  For once being one of the lowest in the Count’s travelling troupe was a blessing.  He didn’t have to explain anything to anyone.  No one expected him to have any power over anything. He existed merely to do as he was told.

Of course, that was why he chose this particular spot when he was assigned to infiltrate the retinue.  It was the easiest position to slip into, and although it carried a heavy load of grunt work he could have done without, it did have the unexpected benefit of only rarely having to deal with the Count and Countess. 

Above, protests sounded as to the unacceptability of the delays, as though the commander of his guard could in fact command the elements.

‘Admittedly if anyone could, it would be Commander Thomasin,’ Tuck thought.  He had seen a lot of commanders in his time and few were as capable as this one.  As their journey lengthened, Tuck began to wonder what kept such an able commander working for such a minor noble.  It was clear his talents were being wasted and Tuck hated waste. 

It was a personal hatred he had to put aside many times on this journey.  The Count and Countess were quite wasteful of many things.  Talent and time being chief of the excesses he could see.  Their party started out in a timely manner from the estate and by anyone’s reckoning should have arrived safely at the capitol city weeks ago.  They should have had plenty of time to rest from their journey, recuperated and even had a chance to refresh their courtly garb with whatever was currently in fashion well before they were required to present themselves to the king. 

Instead there had been delay after delay, most of the couple’s making.  The count decided to stop for multiple hunting trips whenever someone at one of the inns where they stayed reported excellent hunting in the area.  The Countess had to investigate every notable seamstress and lace maker they passed, likewise adding time to their trip. 

‘Perhaps it is only that this delay was not of their own devising that makes it so onerous,’ Tuck thought as the Count continued to issues in actionable commands.

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