Writing Prompt: He had a spring in his step that wasn’t there before.

Morning all. I’m running a little bit slow today so without any of the usual preliminaries let’s just jump into it shall we? So if you are joining me, set your timers wiggle those fingers to warm them up and let’s shake the brains awake. Let’s begin.

This one was okay for me. Not great, but okay. I think it is something I can work with at =some point. Or at least a character who might be interesting.

Wednesday, November 3rd: He had a spring in his step that wasn’t there before.

He had a spring in his step that wasn’t there before.  Walking down the street John felt as though he was bouncing to music he couldn’t even see.  He came to a stop at the corner as realization struck him. 

He was happy.

He blinked, realized that it might look strange to have him stop for no reason and looked both ways as though checking traffic before crossing the empty side street.  It wasn’t a heavy traffic time, wither for cars or pedestrians.  There were still cars whizzing by on the main street but the side streets were for the most part clear.  Likewise there were pedestrians here on the side walk with him, but they were passersby and not the heavy crush normally found during the morning commute. 

John found he liked this time.  He could be anonymous while not having to pretend to rush.  He could leisurely make his way to where he was going.  He worked from home these days so the need to be in an office at a certain time was not a pressing one.  He liked the anonymity of the crowded city but disliked the instinctive pressure to keep pace.

It wasn’t a personal pressure, no one really cared if he moved with them or not, they simply didn’t want him to slow them down and he was swept away like a leaf in a fast moving current.  They didn’t know him and didn’t care that they didn’t know him. 

The feeling was amazing.

After a lifetime of everyone knowing him.  Knowing his family.  Knowing generations of his family, he reveled in being no one.  There was no pressure to maintain a standard.  There were no expectations on his behavior at all, except for the expectations everyone else had.  Here he was expected to pay his rent and bills on time, do his work in a timely manner to receive his paycheck and to at least tolerate his fellow man with a minimum of fuss. 

For the first few months after his arrival, his jb required him to go to the office each morning.  He sat in a cubicle and stared at a computer screen all day.  It wasn’t the most stimulating of work, but it was routine.  When stay at home orders hit, he upgraded his personal computer and started working from there.  Even though many people were getting back into offices now, his company realized they saved a ton of money when they didn’t have to rent office space and went to work from home on a more or less permanent basis. 

John’s productivity level actually rose and he no longer had to make small talk with people he barely knew.  He didn’t mind them much, but he was leery of revealing too much of his past.  At the moment he was quite happy with his solitude.  He knew others felt it weigh heavily on them, but for him it was a release. 

He didn’t have to explain himself to anyone, he didn’t have to talk about his personal details.  He didn’t’;t even have to talk if he didn’t want to.

John smiled.  Admittedly he was talking, sort of.  In the time that he had been home he had been working on his language skills.  But talking to the computer about the color of a cat and which woman was which man’s sister was a far cry from, ‘tell me about your family’. 

As John walked down the street, he realized his steps were lighter.  The hard lines around his eyes had softened.  They were too deeply ingrained in his face at this point in his life to disappear, but they softened, loosened as he relaxed into his new life.  He knew today’s meeting could threaten that happiness.  It was why he put it off for so long.  He didn’t want to lose what he just realized he gained.

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