Upcoming Prompts for the Week of November 8th-12th, 2021

Another week, another set of prompts rides off into the collected files. November always hits and I can feel the last of the year start to unravel around me. Between Now and January 1st there are so many holidays that even if the gatherings are pared down it feels like we are on a slippery slope and just sliding into January.

I somehow always feel mentally out of breath on January 1st a though it is the end of a marathon. January is where all of the bright shiny new projects live though. November and December are the yearly wrap ups and the ground work for the shiny new projects. Because it is November, I am starting to look back through all of the year’s prompts to come up with a new one that I want to break out for next year’s Fifteen Minute Novel Writing Experiment. This year was the first time I did that, and I learned a whole lot. I am still actually learning about it. Even though there is still time for me to work on James, I will be doing a post about what I learned and what I will be doing differently with the experiment in 2022 in Mid December. I don’t know if anyone wants to join me in their version of this experiment next year, but if you are, hopefully that will give you some thoughts on setting up your New Year’s experiment.

Also if anyone has any favorite prompts that came out of this past year’s morning exercises let me know. I’ll give the faves a look when I look into what get’s broken out.

For now though it is time to reveal next Week’s prompts. Are you ready?

Monday, November 8th: His body was wracked by coughs.

Tuesday, November 9th: The moment felt sacred.

Wednesday, November 10th: There were several pieces of the arched mural that had been chiseled off.

Thursday, November 11th: He slipped out into the darkness.

Friday, November 12th: The cat yawned.

Don’t those look fabulous? Admittedly i almost always think that as I see the single sentences waving with potential on the top of a blank page. But perhaps that is just me. For now though, I am going to forget these prompts exist until they appear each in their turn. Whether you join me in writing or just read along, I’ll see you back here bright and early Monday morning. Have a great Friday!

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