Upcoming Prompts for the Week of November 15th – 19th, 2021

Good Friday morning to you all. The frost is crisping the grass to white and all of the neighborhood pumpkins are slumping slowly into piles of goo. While most of the other Halloween decorations have been put away, the pumpkins remain. I think it is because the rotted remains are eventually thrown into the gardens or woods or something instead of being tucked away until next year. Either way it means that there are always pumpkins out until people start decorating for Christmas. Which I am happy to say in my neighborhood at least they tend to wait until Thanksgiving to do.

I should admit that we too have a pumpkin slowly melting to rot on our front stoop. I think it might be the frost keeping him upright at this point. I may shift him to the compost before he thaws. But that is for after at least one full cup of coffee. Right now it is time to list the prompts for the coming week. Are you ready?

Monday, November 15th: The cave was enormous.

Tuesday, November 16th: In the distance, I heard the plink of water falling into a pool.

Wednesday, November 17th: His eyes narrowed in speculation.

Thursday, November 18th: His face went red with suppressed rage.

Friday, November 19th: “So we have an understanding?”

Oh I see some fun ones in there. But I’m going to pretend I didn’t. As always I will forget about them until it is time to write each one. I’ll write them in the order listed (which is actually a completely random order). If you are writing along, feel free to write as many or as few as you want and in whatever order you want to write them. If you are just here to read, that’s fine too. I’ll still be back her Monday morning to write on the first prompt of the week. Until then, have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend.

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