Writing Prompt: The cat yawned.

Morning all and welcome once again to the morning writing prompt. This is one of those rare mornings where I actually woke up before the alarm and am actually feeling somewhat ready to face the day. Usually I feel like the day surprised me by sneaking in while i slept and then jumping out from behind a chair. Maybe it is because i woke up before the alarm. Regardless, I am ready to start the day. So shall we begin? Fabulous. Set those times and let’s get writing.

I think the family dynamic could be an interesting one to look at. Or I can just look at the cat. I kind of want the cat to be part of a mystery for some reason. Like maybe Kayla stole the cat for reasons unknown. Not sure. This is another story that may have to marinate a little longer.

Friday, November 12th: The cat yawned.

The cat yawned. I tried not to stare at it.  It looked bonelessly at ease as it languished on my favorite reading chair.  I could see it’s ginger hairs decorating the dark fabric.  I frowned and thought dark thoughts in my sister’s direction.

She dropped the thing off two days ago.  I wasn’t in and my neighbor took the cat, assuming, no doubt because my sister told her, that we arranged for the temporary transfer.  Kayla explained about the sudden overseas trip and how she arranged with me to take the cat while she was gone.  Thinking me careless in my memory, my neighbor practically tisked as she handed the carrier over to me. I couldn’t think of a gracious way to refuse.  My sister inconveniencing me was one thing, but I couldn’t let her do it to my neighbor as well. 

I made up a lie about being stuck in traffic.  I don’t lie as well as my sister, so I don’t think Mrs. Larsen bought it.  I stood up and the cate cracked its eyes open, proving it wasn’t as asleep as it looked.  The eyes following me as though I was planning to do something evil.  I frowned in its general direction but didn’t give it the satisfaction of looking back at it directly. 

My allergy medicine was already wearing off.  I was going to need another dose.  Thus far I’d managed to keep the doors to the other rooms closed so that only the front main rooms were infected with cat hair, dander or whatever else caused my head to feel like it was stuffed with wool and the red itchy hives to rise.  The box that came with the cat was stationed outside the house in the back garden.  It was under an overhang so it could be used regardless of weather. 

There was a small dog flap that a previous tenant installed and that I hadn’t gotten around to replacing.  Thus far the cat seemed perfectly at ease trotting through it to do its business outside.

Part of me hated calling the thing an it, but I didn’t know its gender or even its name.  That hadn’t been left with my neighbor.  I was leaning towards she though, just because calling it an it was starting to bug me. I tried getting in touch with Kayla, hoping to find out at least how long she planned to be gone, but I couldn’t reach her.  The number I had was no longer in service. 

I thought about calling out mother, but I didn’t want to worry her.  I knew if I called asking, she would worry about Kayla and I would have to give unsatisfactory answers to any questions she came up with.  If I was the one calling, then I would have the most information.  Our brothers were out of the question.  As the only other girl in the family they considered Kayla my issue to deal with.  I wasn’t entirely certain why. 

I hadn’t spoken to Kayla in over a year at this point. Like everyone else, I reached the breaking point with her and stopped paying attention to what she did, for my own sanity if nothing else.  I couldn’t live my life worrying about her.  None of us could.   

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