The Fifteen Minute Novel: Day 226

The Fifteen Minute Novel is a novel written fifteen minutes at a time with each week day’s section starting with the sentence from the previous day. At least it is attempting to be a novel. For now I am just aiming at one continuous story, worked on for fifteen minutes each day. Started Friday January 1st, 2021 (in case you want to search for the beginning. I can’t wait to see where it ends up. It could be good, or it could be a mess. We’ll have to see. For now, here is today’s fifteen minutes.

Day 226: “Not really,” James replied.  “I was thinking more of Scuba lessons.”

“Not really,” James replied.  “I was thinking more of Scuba lessons.”

“Scuba?” Gary asked.

“Yeah, I didn’t actually think I’d find anything, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check,” James replied.

Gary nodded.  “You know, I might know a guy.”

“Really,” James asked.

Gary nodded.  “I’m not sure if he is still teaching, but he did for a while.” Gary turned to the desk drawer opened it and rummaged around.  James waited while he searched.  Eventually he came up with a card.  He handed it to James. “Like I said, I’m not sure if he is still with the dive shop, but if he isn’t he might know someone.”

“Great, thanks,” James said.  He slipped the card into his jeans and signed out so that no one would be looking for him in the pool area.

‘Not a bad little extra,’ James thought as he walked out to his car.  He somehow suspected it was more Gary than luck.  Gary seemed to be one of those people who always knew a guy.  When James first started with the family business and was working his way up, he knew someone like that.  It was a man named Wally.  Wally had, through connections made through his extensive family, many hobbies and lifelong club memberships, a guy for that.  Whatever that happened to be.  Auto mechanics to bird watching, Wally knew a guy who could help you out.  Gary reminded James of Wally. 

‘But it could just be coincidence,’ James thought as he crossed the parking lot.  ‘Maybe I should have asked him if he knew anybody who did Auto painting, just to find out.’

James had reached the point in the Studebaker’s repair work where professional help was needed.  James was confident in his repairs, and he was confident in his body work, but he didn’t have the equipment to do justice to the paintwork.  James thought of the mechanics he found when he first arrived. 

‘He might know a guy,’ James thought.  ‘He also might know someone else selling a clunker I could work on now that I’m finished with the Studebaker.’  He shrugged.  ‘I can’t get a new project car until I sell this one though.’  His driveway might be able to hold two cars, but his garage could hold only one and he wasn’t certain he wanted to leave the newly repaired Studebaker permanently out in the driveway.

‘Maybe they’ll know where I can advertise it.’

James checked his watch as he began the drive home.  It was too early to call Gary’s Scuba place, but by the time he drove out to the mechanics, they would be open.  James altered his course and continued out towards the mechanics.  ‘Here’s hoping Jake knows a guy, or two,’ James thought.

The drive was a pleasant one.  This early on a Saturday there were few people on the road.  ‘Or if they are on the road, they are taking different ones than mine.  James turned on the radio, turned the dial away from anything news related and hummed along when he found a song he vaguely recognized.  Eventually he reached the mechanics.

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