Upcoming Prompts for the week of November 22nd – 26th, 2021

Ah another week of prompts down. This week I managed two that stuck in my brain as stories I want to write. One I even took an hour after writing the prompt to write down a few notes. Which is a good sign that sooner or later it will be a full fledged story. Which is nice to know.

The rest of the prompts just served to wake up my brain. Which is a good thing as well. In addition it has kept up the habit of writing everyday. So shall we see what our inspiring prompts will be for next week?

Monday, November 22nd: It was an old railway tunnel.

Tuesday, November 23rd:  Her voice was ragged from crying.

Wednesday, November 24th: He held out a newly plucked violet.

Thursday, November 25th: He posed for the camera before cutting the ribbon with oversized scissors.

Friday, November 26th: She took home the crown that year.

Not a bad looking list. I’ve noticed that the ones I think will grab me when I look at the list aren’t always the ones that do. But regardless of my pre writing thoughts, I am not going to forget that I saw them until it is time to write them. It is for the best.

So with the list set for next we, we are off to the start of a fabulous Friday. I hope you have a great one and a wonderful weekend to follow. I’ll see you bright and early Monday morning.

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