Writing Prompt: He held out a newly plucked violet.

Ah sleep, it makes every morning just a little bit brighter. Especially when you manage to catch it for more than two hours. I don’t know why, but last night was one of those magical nights where sleep decided I was it’s friend and not someone to flee in terror from. Seriously, you’d think I did something horrible to the Sandman in a former life. Still sleep I had last night and I feel great. So lets get this morning started and jump into the morning prompt before this feeling fades. Timers set? Good then off we go.

Hmm, not my favorite. It seems like my brain collided two separate stories that need to be separated. Not exactly a stellar morning prompt, but who knows, it may prove useful at some point.

Wednesday, November 24th: He held out a newly plucked violet.

He held out the newly plucked violet.  “Come on, you can tell me,” he said.  He teased my chin with the flower petals.  They were soft and tickled slightly.  I made me smile.

“I can’t,” I told him.  “I would if I could.”

I backed away from the teasing flower. He kept his playful smile but I saw his eyes go dark and hard.  Jameson never liked being told no.  It didn’t matter if it was a workplace promotion or the last mint in a roll.  If he wanted it, he felt he should get it.

He was better about not showing his displeasure, the instant anger at being thwarted, than he used to be.  I remembered a time where face transforming snarls and violence were his immediate response.  Somewhere along the way he learned to hide it.  To play along. 

Except his eyes.  They hadn’t changed.  They told the truth.

But perhaps I was the only one to see it.  I was the only one around from the old days now.  They one who remembered his joy in inflicting pain especially when he felt it justifiable retribution.  While the present atmosphere kept a pleasant and somewhat apologetic look on my face, I couldn’t help but take a step back.

We were both adults now, not kids.  He was a respected businessman.  I was the head of my own company.  I knew he wouldn’t try to hurt me like he would have in the past.  Still I didn’t take that step back.  I used it as a pivot to turn and walk away.  I had no illusions that it would end here.  I had information he wanted.  He wouldn’t let it go. 

‘Still I am not the only one who knows the information he wants,’ I reminded myself.  There was the possibility that he would go after someone else.  Someone he thought he could wheedle and cajole more easily than me.  I didn’t think he would be successful as anyone who knew the details was keeping their mouth shut.  I doubted anyone would talk to him.  There was simply too much at stake.

This merger was more than just the joining of two companies.  It was the unification of the two largest corporations the city had ever seen.  There were rules set in place to prevent monopolies which would cause certain divisions to be turned loose so they wouldn’t be in violation of the laws.  There were smaller acquisitions to adjust the company, providing an integrated team to oversee the newly rearranged company.  The internal structure of both corporations would change.  Things would be different as they became one and the effects of that change would be felt throughout the city.

‘And beyond,’ I thought.  There were people looking. Some to make certain things were done ethically and legally, others so they could profit from the new changes and still others who hoped to use this merger as a model elsewhere.  The world was changing.  It was run more by corporations than governments now. The central government ceased being an independent agency nearly forty years ago.  Now it was corporations who ran the world.  Many of them still paid lip service to the governments of old, but there was no doubt in the minds of the people who ran the world.  Not since the war.

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