Writing Prompt: He posed for the camera before cutting the ribbon with oversized scissors.

Early today. Happy thanksgiving. We’re setting off soon. Hope you have a fantastic Holiday. Just a quick prompt before we go. Enjoy.

This was a fun one. Don’t know what I’ll do with it, but it was a fun one.

Thursday, November 25th: He posed for the camera before cutting the ribbon with oversized scissors.

He posed for the camera before cutting the ribbon with oversized scissors.  His hands were trembling with excitement and he almost nicked the mayor’s arm with the giant blades.  He pulled back at the last second and all was well, even if the mayor did give him a slightly sour look. 

Even that couldn’t dampen his mood.  Not today.

Today was the grand opening of his ice cream parlor.  All his life, he wanted to open an ice cream parlor.  He wanted one that looked like the old movies from the 1950s.  He wanted pastel colors and a soda fountain that produced ice cream floats.

Over the years, his dreams expanded.  He dreamed of carbon friendly products and even non-dairy ice creams as well as the traditional floats and sundaes.  Still the appearance was always the same. An old fashioned look, even with some of the updated treats.

Gillie couldn’t believe his luck when he found this place.  It was an old soda and ice cream shop that had once been originally designed to be close to his vision.  It went through several incarnations in it’s life and ended up abandoned just off of Main Street.  It was close enough to still be a draw, but when he first saw it, the place was nothing but an eye sore. 

There was even talk of tearing it down.

He had enough money to buy it, mostly because it was going so cheap. He paid less than the land was worth.  Everyone thought he was nuts.  They told him it would take great big piles of money to do what he wanted.  He didn’t have great big piles of money.  He had a day job that paid his bills with a little bit left over each paycheck.  It had let him save up enough for the purchase, but wouldn’t be enough for a renovation.

Luckily, he had skills.  He may sit in front of a computer all day, but that wasn’t what his family trained him for.  He came from a family of carpenters, plumbers, welders and mechanics.  He spent time working with each of them as he tried to find his place.  When it was clear he was going to college and not trade school.  He worked part time for each as he tried to find a way to save up for college.  He would need some one official to sign off on his work for the ciry, but most of the work he could do himself. 

He paid for supplies as he worked.  He kept his day job and worked nights and weekends on the Ice Cream Parlor.  As he worked on the building’s mechanics, he let his vision turn inward, imagining each part of the space as he worked. It was slow going and it required time, energy and a lot of sweat, but gradually his vision emerged from the wreck of a building like a butterfly from a cocoon.  It was only when the others started to see the wings flex that they too became excited. 

As the work behind the walls was completed and paint started to appear and booths to be replaced, more and more people stopped by.  Some to see his efforts, others to offer up their memories of when the place was still in use.  He nodded, listened and smiled, but he had plans of his own. He knew what he wanted and he would see his vision come to life.

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