Writing Prompt: He was determined to have his way.

Good morning all and welcome to a bright and chilly Tuesday. Already it feels as though this week is on a slippery slope made up of too much to do and too little time to do it. It is the time of year though. Not only are we racing towards the end of the year but all the little breaks for holidays and small celebrations seem to eat into the days making them seem shorter and less productive. Still they are pleasant interruptions, so it is hard to complain. Shall we get started on our regularly scheduled morning then? Excellent. Let’s let those timers go.

This one was a slippery one. I started with one idea and then decided to change it after a few paragraphs as a new thought shoved the old one to the side. There might be something to work with later, but it is more of a thought rather than a piece of really usable writing. I do like the thought of the second part of the prompt though and might use that somewhere later.

Tuesday, November 30th:  He was determined to have his way.

He was determined to have his way.  It would work, no matter what anyone else said.  He would make it work.  He strode out of the atrium, the laughter of the others still ringing in his ears.  Those who laughed were gone.  They left at the semester’s end, returning to homes, families and other past times.  Most of them were here for the connections, familial obligation or even just a lark.  None of them took this seriously. 

The academy was just a place to go when you graduated from secondary school and had yet to take up a place in the family business or on the family estate.  It was a place for them to expend their energy, meet others like themselves and perhaps secure a suitable bride before they returned home to the place already prepared for them.

Stephen had no such luxury.  There was a place for him, in that sense he was like the others.  His internal passions demanded he do something with his life other than manage his father’s estates.  Both he and his father knew his older brother was preferred. 

Gerald had no interest in the estate and it’s management, preferring to enjoy the fruits of the labor rather than the labor itself.  Gerald and his father decided that Stephen would have the management while Gerald remained in charge.  The two of them settled things nicely between them.

Stephen was allowed a turn at the Academy so that he could get his wildness out of his system and then return, first to work under his father and then remain working when ownership passed to his older brother.

Stephen had other plans.  He was determined they would succeed.  He had no desire to spend the rest of his life making certain his brother was able to life a life of idle pleasure. The others mocked him.  They were resigned to their places and expected him to be resigned to his.

He wasn’t, and he managed to secure the piece that would keep him from this fate.  He should have been on the train home just like the others, but he wasn’t.  He missed the train and instead signed on for a stint aboard one of the ships of exploration.  He sent a note home to his family.  The mail was aboard the train he should have boarded and would reach them at the same time they expected his arrival.  He did not think that the message would be well received.  In fact he fully expected that he would no longer be welcome back at the estate in any capacity once the letter was read.  His father did not take the thwarting of his plans well. 

‘I suppose it is best I won’t be there.’

Stephen hurried his steps.  All but the bag he was taking with him were sent to long term storage.  The bag, a heavy canvas affair he could sling over his shoulder was filled with all of the necessities he would need on the journey.  He lengthened his stride, hurrying.  He could almost feel the weight of the school masters as they looked down from their towers.  They might see him and wonder why he was still here. They might stop him and demand he return to his home. 

His speed increased a though he was being chased.  He kept moving in ground eating strides until he reached the docks.  His breath was coming in hard and fast and he took a moment to settle himself and catch his breath before stepping onto the docks and making his way to the assigned ship. 

The docks stretched out impossibly long.  There were branches off the main dock at intervals, each leading to a different ship.  Even though these ships were not designed for use on water, the docks were built with a familiar symmetry, mimicking the docks of seafaring vessels.

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