New Book Release and the Start of the Annual Smashwords end of year Book Sale

That’s right folks you heard me correctly. I have a new book out AND there is a book sale that starts today. The sale is on Smashwords and you can get most of my books for 50% off from December 17th – December 31st. while the link will take you to my books, it is a huge sale with many thousands of authors participating. It is a great way to find a new read or even a new author. I highly recommend checking it out. My books are available on all e-book formats so you can download them for whatever type of system you like to read your e-books on. You can even download them as plain text to simply read without a specific e-reader.

As for my latest release…

Blindsided: Book Five in The Society Series is now available on both Amazon and Smashwords. The links will take you to the page. Happy Reading.

Blindsided: Book Five of The Society

Once again Ivy Chambers has found herself shot. As a fire mage who tries to obey the laws of The Society governing all of the Hidden Clans, at least where anyone could see, Ivy never thought she was the sort of person anyone would aim a gun at in the first place, let alone shoot.  But she isn’t to be left to heal in peace.  The Seers have lost sight of their future and need a Seer untied to them to craft visions.  Ivy’s friend Irina is their only hope and Ivy has to work to keep her safe and the entire Seer Clan from attacking Wildwood, all while trying to deal with the various political machinations of other factions within the society. Ivy and the entire Chambers family have to start reevaluating their place in The Society as they face threats they never saw coming.

Now Available




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