Announcement: Subscriber only Content coming in January, 2022

Hi everyone.  I have a fabulous announcement to make. Starting Monday January 3rd you will see some new additions to the daily posts.  Some of these posts will be marked as Subscriber only content.  Don’t worry, the regular Morning Writing Prompts and the Fifteen Minute Novel Posts will continue with no change.  The Subscriber Content is just an addition.  You can become a subscriber for $5 per month if you are interested in joining.  To join you can click on the subscriber only content and the information will lead you to subscribe. If you are an active subscriber then it should just let you in.

But what is going to be in the subscriber only section?

Well, every Monday in January there will be a post to help you set up your first novel.  The posts will go through the five basic steps of setting up and getting started on a new novel.  I will be breaking out a novel I am planning along with you as an example.  The final post in January will set up a writing schedule.  After that I will start posting each day’s writing and then on Mondays we will have a how things are going post as the novel is in progress. Once there is a complete draft we will work through the next stages, from the editing process on.

Wednesdays will feature a writing exercise. These will not be the sentence starter exercises that are on the general Ten til Midnight site. In January, these posts will go along with the novel set up posts to help you think about the novel you are creating.  After January, the Wednesday Write ins will be switched to cover various writing elements as we all work to better our writing.

And if you are interested more in reading than writing, not only will you be able to see the novel develop over the course of the Novel Writing exercises, but each Friday there will be a Chapter from an as yet unpublished novel. When it is published, subscribers will receive a code for a free e-book copy. The Novel that will start posting Friday, January7th is The Ties that Bind, the first book in The Borderlands Series. Posted below is a little bit about the novel.

And as a final reminder, this is the last day of the Smashwords end of the year book sale. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly encourage you to do so. Most of my books are 50% off but there are thousands of authors participating and it is a fantastic place to find a great new read.

The Ties that Bind: Book One of the Borderlands Series

Protected from the rest of the world by magic and secrecy is a place called The Borderlands. Within this area there is a collection of towns, villages and farmsteads occupied by humans with magic, glamour covered fae, and those with decidedly mixed heritage linking them to both the humans and the fae.

It is a world that Danny thought he left behind when he left Barrowville, the largest town in the Borderlands.   He never planned to return and made his life in the human world pretending he was just as ignorant as those around him about the existence of the Borderlands. He became a police officer and worked his way up to detective.  He is happy with his life and rarely gives Barrowville or the Borderlands a thought.  When they did cross his mind it was only to hope they forgot about him as deeply as he forgot about them.

But a string of murders has left Barrowville in an uproar and the local sheriff at a loss.  Danny isn’t as forgotten as he hoped and when the sheriff calls for assistance, those in power order Danny to take a special assignment.  Refusal is not an option and Danny has to return to the world he left behind, tracking a murderer and confronting the difficult past that caused him to leave before more deaths occur.


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