Upcoming Prompts for January 3rd-7th, 2022

That’s right everyone. We have finished out a full year of prompts. I don’t know how many of you wrote along with me. I hope that at least some of you did. Each day I add the day’s prompt to a file and let the file build throughout the year. That way I have one place I need to search if i want to look for a story idea or a character reference. I start a new file each year so this next list will be in a brand new file saved as 2022 Writing Prompts.

Before I list the prompts I am going to kick off the new year with, I thought you might like to know that this year’s prompts gave me 259 story starts. Some good, some bad, some housing a glimmer of an idea or a character detail I could use elsewhere. The writing prompts ended up totaling about 150, 504 words by my computer’s count. Which is not a bad number of words to spill.

I can’t wait to see what story ideas come out next year. And to kick them off are this list of prompts we will start with on Monday.

Monday, January 3rd: We drove through the night.

Tuesday, January 4th: The mice moved in once the place was left standing empty.

Wednesday, January 5th: The sale was well advertised.

Thursday, January 6th: “What would you call this shade?”

Friday, January 7th: This was going to be fun.

That should prove to be an interesting kick off for the new year. But it isn’t my only kick off for the new year. Stay tuned because today I will also be posting the Fifteen Minute Novel Round Up followed by a big announcement. So stay tuned. And Happy New Year! (or New Year’s Eve at least.)

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