The Ties that Bind: Chapter 17

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Protected from the rest of the world by magic and secrecy is a place called The Borderlands. Within this area there is a collection of towns, villages and farmsteads occupied by humans with magic, glamour covered fay, and those with decidedly mixed heritage linking them to both the humans and the fae. It is a world that Danny thought he left behind when he left Barrowville, the largest town in the Borderlands.   He never planned to return and made his life in the human world pretending he was just as ignorant as those around him about the existence of the Borderlands. He became a police officer and worked his way up to detective.  He is happy with his life and rarely give Barrowville or the Borderlands a thought.  When they did cross his mind he hoped they forgot about him as deeply as he forgot about them.

But a string of murders has left Barrowville in an uproar and the local sheriff at a loss.  Danny isn’t as forgotten as he hoped and when the sheriff calls for assistance, those in power order Danny to take a special assignment.  Refusal is not an option and Danny has to return to the world he left behind, tracking a murderer and confronting the difficult past that caused him to leave before more deaths occur. 

Please enjoy Chapter 17

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