Writing Prompt: I found it shocking.

Good morning all. The nose is stuffy and the allergies are rising. That’s right, grass seed is once again high now that the rain has stopped for the moment. I suspect this summer is just going to remain off and on allergy season instead of concentrating in the Spring or Fall. But life goes on. So are you ready for the morning prompt? Good, then let’s get started.

This one seems like it ought to be set around the faculty of a school of some sort. The Hapless headmaster, the various lunatic staff and the ever efficient secretary making sure things don’t fall apart. I kind of like it.

Tuesday, July 12th: I found it shocking.

“I found it shocking.” Ms. Williams said.  She straightened her spine a little bit and sniffed.  Harold was surprised her spine could get any straighter.  It seemed welded to a steel pole.

‘Perhaps she just grew an extra vertebra,’ he thought.  At this point nothing Ms. Williams did would surprise him.

“Their behavior was shocking,” He said.  It was less an agreement and more of a statement to make certain he had her current complaint correct.  Harold was never certain of Ms. Williams.  That she would do whatever she set out to do was obvious, but sometimes he was unsure of his own footing around her.

“No,” she told him.  Her ire seemed to fade a little as she went into teaching mode.  Explaining things was one of her life long pleasures.  “It is the fact that it was allowed that is so shocking,”

“Of course,” Harold said.  “I thought that went without saying.”

She gave him a small satisfied smile.

“I knew you would understand,” She rose from her chair as though someone tied a string to her head and lifted her out of the chair like a china doll. “Ill leave the matter in your capable hands then and not take up any more of tour valuable time.”

Harold half rose from his seat to see her out, but she turned and sailed out of the door before he passed the halfway point.  Harold thumped his bottom back into his chair, the cushion giving off a loud whuff as he did so.

For a moment he sat staring into space.  Ms. Williams always seemed to have this sort of effect on him.  He frowned and wondered exactly what they were talking about.  Somehow she never seemed to get around to saying, assuming that he somehow knew all.

‘All I know is to call the person who does know all,’ he thought.

“Ms. Emerson,” he called loudly.  He heard the creak of a chair and light footsteps crossing the outer office.  His secretary soon appeared in his doorway.  She looked reassuringly human with very little resemblance to Ms. Williams. 

“It appears I am to do something about something,” he said.

“I suspected you might,” She said.  She looked slightly amused.

“Yes,” I don’t suppose you know what that something is?”

“I believe it is in relation to the snake getting out of the science wing and making it’s way into Ms. William’s desk and then somehow getting locked in there until she unlocked it of course.”

“Ah clever little snake,” Harold said.  “Has it made its way back?”

“Mr. Douglas ferried it back to its home and cautioned it about going walkabout again.”

“I don’t suppose he had any known assistance?” A chauffer or tour guide of sorts?”

That has yet to be determined. “

“Then could you ask Mr. Douglas to make inquiries and report back to me, possibly making certain Ms. Williams sees him reporting in.” He looked at her hopefully.

“I’ll see to it sir,” she told him.

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