Writing Prompt: It was completely unforgettable.

And so we have reached the middle of the week. Has anyone else felt as though this week was moving slowly? Like the days are dragging their feet? Maybe it is just the weather, still no rain so the air feels heavy and oppressive. Maybe it is just me. Still, we move on. Ready for the morning prompt? I know I am, so let’s get a move on.

Okay I liked the ideas of the earlier prompts this week, but this feels like a story I want to sink my teeth into. I’d need to take out the time to work out a few details. But it is one that I really want to sit down and work out the details for instead of thinking, that’s nice I might come back to it. This gets put in the potential fifteen minute novel category. It is an idea I could easily spend a little time on each day for a year without getting bored.

Wednesday, July 27th: It was completely unforgettable.

It was completely unforgettable.  He sat on the stone, his feet dangling off the cliff face, swinging in empty air.  The ropes were still attached and while they weren’t the most comfortable things in the world now that he was no longer climbing, he left them where they were for the moment, simply enjoying the sight. 

Below him stretched the valley.  It was carved into a series of plateaus.  He was certain some of them were man made and some were natural.  Which were which he couldn’t tell.  This valley had not been occupied in several thousand years so even the man made sections had worn to a more natural look. 

The land was lush and green, the province of the wild things of the world now, man no longer having a place in it.  There were no pathways he could see and no houses.  Not even the ruins were visible.  From here it was green punctuated by the occasionally florid spot of color where something flowered.  All of the green was fading now.  As the sun started to set and the temperatures cooled, a low mist rose obscuring all of the sharper details and causing the world to look like a faded water color, the deep greens going pastel.

Above the sky was a riot of color, as though it had stolen the pigment from the ground below.  Streamers of vibrant scarlet, deep orange and bright yellow streaked the sky as the sun began to go down.  He knew he had little time to sit and observe before he needed to seek the shelter of the tent he erected upon his arrival.  While the land below was a tropical paradise into which he hoped to descend in the next few days, the past few weeks he had been trekking through the mountain ranges in order to reach this secluded valley.  The mountains were treacherous.  The ridges high, the air thin and the cold biting and fierce regardless of the season.  It was high summer but even now he could feel the chill beginning to sink through his layered thermals. 

While the sunset was spectacular, he had not travelled all this way to succumb to the cold .  He turned from the glorious sight and walked back to his tent.  There he took off his climbing gear and felt lighter for shedding his burden.  His clothing remained on.  When the morning arrived, the sun would reappear. It would take a while for the mists to clear enough to begin his descent.  He would sleep in his warmest clothing for the night and when waiting for the clearing mist, take advantage of his spot in the sun to change what gear he was changing.  To do so now would lower his body temperature through exposure and leave him cold the rest of the night. 

‘And if the sun is not strong enough to warm me then I’ll wait until lower elevations to change.  There had been many mornings the shifting of gear was not possible.  While he was accustomed to the scent of his own body at this point an there was no one here to offend, he knew that worn too long, clothing would start to dub his skin raw in places and the dirt of his own body cause infections.  He may no longer have to worry about offending anyone else, but out here infection was always a hovering threat.  When he cleaned he would inspect himself for any problematic issues and handle them before they could become life threatening.  Out here such precautions kept him alive. 

There may have been no one to offend but there were n hospitals or doctors to save him either.  Turning aside from such grim considerations, he entered his tent, taking all of his gear with him.  He settled down and in the weakening light he ate his ration for the evening.  As he ate he wondered what the others were doing at that very moment.

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