Writing Prompt: While he never committed any technically illegal act, his actions were not praiseworthy.

Morning one and all. Today I woke up before my alarm. I also felt a little lighter in spirit than I have all week. I think the pollen count is down. Not having to sniffle my way through my morning coffee always puts me in a better mood. So shall we take advantage and just jump right into the day? I think that might be a good plan. Forward we go.

I’m okay with this morning’s prompt. I floundered a bit. It took me a while to figure out who i was writing about and what to do with him. Its one of those where the timer went off and I looked at what came out and I wanted a do over. I wanted to take the same idea and go back starting with it for fifteen minutes instead of fumbling around for so long. But it is what it is.

Thursday, July 28th: While he never committed any technically illegal act, his actions were not praiseworthy.

While he never committed any technically illegal act, his actions were not praiseworthy.  He knew that and accepted it about himself.  While he knew there were those who called him a monster and others who thought highly of his ability to manipulate the law for his clients, he never thought of it as anything other than doing his job.  He felt that every person had their place and used their skills in any way he could.  He didn’t think of himself as bad but did not lie to himself and tell himself he was good.  He was neutral.  He did his job and let others ,make their decisions of him.

He had friends but they never discussed his work with him.  He gave to charities and he attended functions.  He knew that even if the amount he gave was high enough to earn him recognition then he would not receive it.  Others were happy to take his donations, but even though they were earned in a completely legal manner, he was a bit too gray for them to feel comfortable mentioning it.

He didn’t mind.  He gave to causes he felt deserved it.  An acquaintance named John, once asked him, when too much drink had been flowing, if his charity work was to make up for any of his past deeds, to salve a guilty conscious.  He told them simply no and planned to leave it at that.  Enough alcohol had been consumed that John pushed it and so he felt compelled to ask if John gave to charity to salve his own conscious.  An indignant snort met his question.

“I have no guilt to assuage,” John replied.

“And yet you give so generously to both the battered women’s shelter and the rape crisis center while your wife has had numerous questionable hospital visits throughout your marriage and several of your female employees have registered complaints with your HR department,” he replied.  At this point others were listening to the conversation and taking note.  While John had enough alcohol to be incautious in his questioning, he retained enough wits to know when to stop.  Three days later divorce papers had been filed and John was facing legal accusations from a number of employees. 

While he considered that just good timing, it prompted the image that while he knew his own client’s dirty secrets and manipulated the law for them, he also knew the dirty secrets of others.  No matter how much alcohol flowed at future events, all remembered John and no one questioned his involvement again.

Over all, he found his position a cautious one.  While he often bent the law, twisting it in wys to promote a beneficial interpretation, he was over all a quiet living person.  He paid all of his taxes on time and claimed no unreasonable exemptions.  While he admired the women who worked for him, he never treated them as anything other than professional equals.  In most cases he was an upstanding member of society with no skeletons in his closet.  He knew of no one else in his acquaintance who could claim the same.

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