Upcoming Prompts for the Week of August 1st – 5th, 2022

And so July ends. At least it ended with a good prompt. I really ended up liking today’s prompt. It’s always good to have a high note on a Friday. it always makes me feel my week was successful as I go into the weekend. Of course the fact that we are starting August makes me feel I should be prepared for fall. I’m not. It is far too hot to even think about autumn. There is no way I can think about shifting my closet around until at least Late September at this point. Although I might just have to go through the closet and pitch some clothing that simply didn’t make it through the summer. A lot of items did not manage to survive the heat and the sweat.

But that is a thought for later (possibly over the weekend).

Shall we look at next week’s writing prompts?

Monday, August 1st: She made each chocolate swirl perfect.

Tuesday, August 2nd: The urban population boomed.

Wednesday, August 3rd: Disaster was on the way.

Thursday, August 4th: It was unlikely that anyone would notice.

Friday, August 5th: It is time for you to move to the next level.

As always I think they look fabulous and fairly bursting with potential. And as always I will forget that I have seen them until they come up each morning ready to be written. And with that, I will leave you to your Friday. Have a great one.

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