Writing Prompt: Disaster was on the way.

Morning all. I realized earlier that I missed the Monthly Chapter for Tansy. It will be a week late. This week has not been what anyone would call productive. I took another test this morning and while I am feeling better, the test was positive. Sleep and endless mugs of tea have been my friend this week. Next week Normality will resume. The Wednesday write in will be skipped this week because quite honestly what I wrote for this week’s looks horribly jumbled. However the morning writing prompts and fifteen minute novel will continue this week as it is nice to have some routine in my day. So shall we sally forth into the writing prompt of the day? Good.

This is interesting. If feels like I started the story in the wrong spot and that it needs to be pulled apart and investigated more, but I kind of like it.

Wednesday, August 3rd: Disaster was on the way.

Disaster was on the way.  He could feel it in his bones.  It was a phase he heard his grandfather use, mostly about incoming thunderstorms and until now, he didn’t understand how bones could feel things.  He suspected they would feel pain if they were to break, but beyond that, the logic escaped him.  But now, at ten years of age he understood. 

As soon as his father announced his upcoming marriage to Diane and the fact that she and her three boys would be moving in with them, Paul felt something tingling along his spine and then then spreading throughout his skeleton.  The feeling was one of impending doom.  It danced along his bones and twisted his guts into knots.  He smiled because that was what he was told to do. 

He said nothing of the impending disaster to anyone.  He knew no one would listen anyway.  All around him were talking of flowers and arrangements and how it was good that his father was moving on with his life.  Paul smiled and nodded when he was told it was good he would soon have a new mother around.  How it would help him in ways he wouldn’t understand until he was older.  When someone detected his smile wasn’t genuine, he was told to stop worrying.  That it would all be fine.

The wedding came.  He was dressed in a crisp new suit.  The spring was warm and he felt sweat gather at the back of his knees and in the crook of his elbows.  The adults seemed pleased with the affair and sighed over the bride, the flowers, the cake. 

Still the feeling of impending disaster remained. 

The day after the wedding he was packed off to summer camp while the couple had their honey moon.  His new step brothers were going to camp too, but it was a different one.  They would all spend the summer apart and reconvene as a family in the fall.

Summer camp was the one he attended every summer since the first grade because it was the time his father usually traveled for work.  It was only in the fall that he would slow down and stay in town long enough for the school year.  Even then there were often times where he had a babysitter for a week or so at a time.  While he enjoyed camp, the feeling of looming disaster remained.  He did his best to ignore it, but in the quiet times, he wondered what would happen when he left.  What would life look like. 

Boarding school.

That was what his future held.  He was told as soon as he was picked up from summer camp.  His father had made the arrangements.  The uniforms were ordered and ready for packing.  His trunk was open in his room and he had three days to shake off his summer and load what he wanted to take with him into the trunk.  His step brothers were still at camp, theirs having one more week left in it before their return and his father and step mother were still on their extended honey moon.  It was his Great Aunt Becky who helped him settle his things.  When she thought he wasn’t looking she pursed her lips and glared angrily at the large framed wedding photo that now sat in the living room.  Becky looked after him and took him to the station.  Before he left, she gave him a piece of paper and admonished him to call her directly if he found he needed anything.  She hugged him tightly and told him that she would count the days until his first school vacation.

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