Writing Prompt: The gold shimmered wherever he turned.

Hit the snooze button one too many times this morning so I am a little behind. No matter, I feel awake and ready to go, even if it is awake a little later. So shall we get this morning going with our morning writing prompt? Wiggle those fingers and set those timers, it is time to warm up the brains. Ready, set, write!

Okay I like this one. I think I am going to have him running from someone before stumbling into the cavern, well dropping in. I just need to figure out that scenario. But I really like this one.

Tuesday, August 23rd: The gold shimmered wherever he turned.

The gold shimmered wherever he turned.  His lantern gleamed, reflecting the light He turned around slowly and then tilted his head up.  The hole he fell through was a circle of white against a dark back drop.  He could see the dirt and roots of the plants he tore through in his fall hanging down. 

He looked down and found that the pile or rotted cloth was what saved him from breaking any bones when he fell.  The cloth was shredded with age and it’s use wasn’t something he could determine, but it saved his life. 

‘It even saved my lantern,’ he thought.  The blub was not broken, the casing smashed and the batteries disengaged any more than h9is bones had been because it too landed on the cloth.  It was attached to the outside of his pack when he fell.

‘I suppose landing on the pack might have helped.’ Paul slowly sat up.  He was pleased to be alive with no bones broken and he was dazzled by the gold on the walls of the chamber in which he landed, but he now had to figure out how to get out. He knew no one was going to come looking for him.  In fact he made certain anyone looking for him would search in different locations.

While he was glad to be away from them, it did leave him with no one to help him out of the cavern.  He slowly pushed to his feet and found that his fall and landing made him stiff and sore, but nothing worse.  He stepped away from the pile of cloth and moved towards the wall nearest him.  While he was more interested in finding a way out of the cavern than in the gold decorating it, he had to admit to a certain curiosity. 

For now he was well fed and had a full stock of supplies.  Times were not desperate.  He suspected if he was in the cavern long enough for the supplies to run out, his curiosity would ebb.  ‘Best to find out what I can now,’ he decided.  ‘Besides, doors are usually put into walls so it is a good place to start looking.’

Paul moved closer to the wall, but kept his eye on the floor.  He didn’t know if this was in fact the ground he was standing on or another level.  As he plunged through what might have been a roof, he didn’t want to find a similar hole waiting to take him to an even lower depth if there was one. 

Beneath his feet the floor felt like stone.  When he knelt he could see that it was a white marble.  When he brushed the dust away he could see that it had once been highly polished and had gold veins running through it.  His lantern light didn’t reach far enough up to let him know what the roof was like.

As he drew closer to the wall, he found that it was just gold.  He lifted a hand to the wall to see if it was paint, but felt the metal under his fingertips.  The wall seemed to have been sheathed in a solid sheet of gold.  He was certain there was stone behind it as Gold couldn’t support any sort of roof, but the wall looked like a single sheet.  He let his fingertips slide along it as he cautiously moved forwards looking for a way out.


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