Writing Prompt: Are you cold?

Good Monday morning to you all. I hope everyone had a great weekend. We harvested the last of the tomatoes. They came in late this year, but were perfect for sauce. we now have a freezer full of sauce. Not as much as previous years. It was just too hot this summer. I may need to adjust planting times next year. But that is for later. For now shall we start the week off with our first writing prompt? Good, let’s go.

Interesting. I’m not entirely certain what is happening. I think with another fifteen minutes I could have figured out where this story was going. I might actually take that extra fifteen minutes. Maybe let it simmer in the back of my brain until lunch and then do a second fifteen. I think this might actually be worth it.

Monday, September 19th: Are you cold?

“Are you cold?” he asked.  I shivered slightly. 

“A little,” I admitted.  “You?”

He nodded.  I lifted an eyebrow in surprise. He smiled.

“I get cold on occasion, it just doesn’t happen often.”  He slow lt stood, shaking himself and looking a not unlike a dog stepping out of water.  I was pleased to see no droplets go flying.

He crossed to the thermostat and checked the temperatures on the digital screen.  He frowned and tapped the glass lightly with his finger as though getting a gage to move.  As it was digital I doubted anything would change.  He decided the same and stepped away, moving to the vent in the floor. 

I watched as he squatted own and held out a hand over the air vent.  He held it still for a moment and then waved it about for a bit. He sighed heavily straightened and walked back to where he started.  He sat back down in the chair he previously occupied.

“Nothing is coming through the vents and the thermostat says the temperature is dropping.”

I nodded.  “I’d like to say I’m glad it isn’t me,” I joked.  “But I kind of wish it was.”

“It does beat the alternative.”

Again I nodded.  We both fell into silent contemplation. That I knew Rory was something of a surprise.  We had once been part of the same friend group a long time ago in a place far away.  We both ended up here through different means and upon arrival he signaled to me that we weren’t to admit we knew each other.  I could see his reasoning.  No one else knew each other and it might be an advantage to  us later.  It was always nice to have an advantage. 

At the moment the advantage was not being her alone or stuck with a stranger.  Rory and I weren’t close, but we were comfortably familiar and here, nothing else was.  Not for the first time I wondered if we had been left here to die.  It was supposed to be a training exercise, but I knew neither Rory nor I were the sorts others wanted training.  We past all of the test but didn’t have the right backgrounds.  We didn’t have the right connections.  The law said that if we passed when we had to be trained, but training often killed those with the aptitude because aptitude wasn’t enough.  I wondered how many of the people who died in training died in situations just like this. 

I tried to let the thought go but my brain kept circling back.  Placing us here was deliberate.  Placing us together when the others paired off had also been deliberate.  There were smirks from some of the others, smirks I tried to ignore.  Perhaps this is what those smirks meant.

Knowing it wasn’t getting me anywhere I tried to readjust my thoughts.  There had to be a way out of this.  I had been in tight spots before.  Surely this was no different. I knew we couldn’t risk outdoors.  No matter how cold things were in here, outside there was the wind, snow and ice to contend with.  ‘Think, think, think I ordered my fearful brain trying to stave off the rising panic. I would not freeze to death her.  Not now. Not like this.

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