Writing Prompt: It was like stepping into an entirely new world.

This was not a good morning. If I could have hit the snooze button a dozen more times I would have. Sleep was quite elusive last night and missing entirely for long stretches. But there is a lot to do today. Too much to do to hit the snooze button. So today will be brought to you by coffee and with luck, tonight there will be sleep. so…let’s get going with the morning prompt.

This is interesting. I like the setting. I have no idea what the story would be to go with it, but I like the idea of the setting. I haven’t gotten just a setting prompt in a while. I’m okay with it. I’ll just have to find a story to go with it later.

Thursday, September 22nd: It was like stepping into an entirely new world.

It was like stepping into an entirely new world.  Mark slipped through the crack in the rock face and stared at the valley below.  It stretched for miles and looked like a sea of green.  The light breeze making the greenery dance made it seem like undulating waves. 

In the distance he could see the shadowy outlines of other rock formations sealing this little section of the world off from the rest.  They, like the formation he just worked his way through,  were fearsome defenders.  The rock was sharp and brittle.  It tended to snap off at the surface leaving jagged shards.  He absently rubbed the cut on his forearm as he studied the sight below.  He cut it on his way up.  Luckily the cut was small and the blood had already congealed.  He would see to it before he descended into the jungle that filled the valley.  Down there would be many sources of infection and if he learned anything on this journey it was that an open cut invited trouble. 

He tapped his foot on the small platform where he stood to make sure it was stable.  Confident that it wasn’t going to sheer off at the moment and cause him to plummet to his death he sat down and swung his pack off of his back.  The breeze cooled the sweat that was trapped between his back and the pack and made him shiver slightly.  As there had been little but sweltering heat for the past two months, the cooling sensation felt almost alien.

Mark dug into his back and came up with his first aid kit.  He quickly doctored his arm, insuring infection would not ensue and returned his kit to the pack. 

Before putting the pack on his back he took out a rope.  He tied one end of the rope to the pack.  The shelf he was on was one of several.  They were bits of stone that the water that ran down the gulley during the wet season like a waterfall had yet to wear away.  Because of the water, there was a thin shaft that led from his perch at the top to the jungle floor below.  He could brace himself on the sides and shimmy from platform to platform, but it would be best done without his pack on his back.

‘And I can test the weight of the platform.’  He thought.  Mark leaned over the side and slowly lowered the pack to the platform below.  The pack landed safely and he let go of the rope.

‘Now comes the hard bit.’  Mark eased himself over the edge and into the stone channel carved by water in the stone.  Pebbles and shards slipped and crashed down as he maneuvered himself down to the lower platform.  Some of the rocks landed on the lower platform, many bounced off and fell into space.  Mark knew that if he followed suit, then he wouldn’t survive the fall. 

He tried not to think about that as he continued his descent. Finally he reached the platform.  Gently he lowered his weight onto it, keeping his hand holds on the rock face until he knew the platform would support his weight.  This platform felt more precarious than the last so he speedily lowered his platform to the platform below and continued the journey down. 

The third and final platform was smaller than the others and seemed even less stable.  He braced himself against the rock channel rather than trust his weight to it.  Mark lowered the pack down to the jungle floor and even though his arms and legs were shaking from his efforts, he continued not stopping until he made it safely back to ground. 

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