Upcoming Prompts for the week of November 21st -25th, 2022

Good morning one and all. It seems we have made it through another week. This week my take on the prompts seemed to tease me with ideas I just needed to sit down and think through. They were the starts of things, often with a character I liked, but I wasn’t sure where the story was going. I don’t mind that as I could always use a few new characters in my life. But it did seem to be a general theme for the week. Maybe next week will be different. Let’s see.

Monday, November 21st: The files were scattered across the desk.

Tuesday, November 22nd: Let me just get a pen.

Wednesday, November 23rd: The horse stared at him as though suspecting him of nefarious acts.

Thursday, November 24th: He lined up the shot.

Friday, November 25th: Rain was expected for the next three days.

I did put five prompts in for the week. It is Thanksgiving week so there is the possibility that i will skip Thursday and Friday. There is also the possibility i will wake up and feel unsettled until I take the fifteen minutes to do the writing prompt. Habits are funny things. I have no clue which way it will go but I figured if you are not celebration or find yourself with time, then maybe you could use the prompts as well. we will all just have to see what next week brings. Have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend.

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