Writing Prompt: Let me just get a pen

Good morning all. Today, e begin to make the pies for thanksgiving. Soon the smell of apples and spices will fill the house. I can’t wait. But before the baking extravaganza begins, let’s jump into the morning prompt. Are you ready? Good, then let’s go, everyone into the word pool.

Okay this is fun. Not entirely certain what’s going on but I’m pretty sure this is the start of a murder mystery. Possible a tale of horror. Definitely something to come back to.

Tuesday, November 22nd: Let me just get a pen.

“Let me just get a pen,” she said.  Sarah pulled the phone away from her face slightly as she looked over the accumulated stuff on the desk.  It wasn’t her desk.  ‘If it were there would be a cup full of pens.’

This desk didn’t have such a thing.  She poked a few of the folders and notebooks aside looking to see if a pen lurked underneath. 


‘Who works here,’ she thought giving up the search and turning towards the cubicle opening.  She dodged in there when the phone rang, seeing it empty and  wanting a little privacy.  As she turned she spotted a pen on the corner of the desk.  Praying it had ink, she reached for it and found a small post it note pad.

“Got it,” she said leaning on the edge of the desk and trying not to dislodge any of the debris on the surface.  She wrote down the phone number she was given and ended the call.  She hung up and slipped the phone back into her back pocket.  She peeled off the top piece of paper, folded it and put it in her front pocket. 

Kristen then placed the post it note pad and pen back exactly where she found them.  She doubted anyone would notice but she felt better putting things back where she found them.  Task complete she once again headed for the opening to the cubicle.  She stepped into the main hallway, ready to resume her task.  She came here to drop off a file and then leave, that was it. 

It was her last task for Harrison, Inc and she would be happy to see it done.  She glanced at the clock and saw that she was still on time.  ‘A little early even, despite the call.’

She adjusted the strap of her bag on her shoulder and strode forward to the main office.  A few steps in and Kristen realized that it was surprisingly quiet. She looked around, her steps slowing as she took in the sight.  All of the lights were on.  The computers were booted up and many showed signs of in progress work.  The cubicle where she paused, a much neater one then where she took her call, even had a cup of coffee next to the keyboard.  Steam drifted in a little swirl off the top of the cup. 

‘Maybe a staff meeting,’ she thought.  As she listened, she could hear the sound of the copier running. ‘So someone is around.  She shook off the odd feeling of being in an empty space and continued on.  She found the main office.  It was as she was told, directly in line with the main door.  There was a name plate on the door.  Marcus Jeffries.  The door was shut but there was a plastic file holder bolted to the front of the door.  She hadn’t been told to get a signature so Kristen took the file she was meant to deliver and slipped it into the plastic file holder. 

Job done, she turned and strode back to the door.  If her steps were a little more hurried than usual, there was no one around to notice.  The copier was still running so she figured someone would find the file sooner or later. 

She reached the hall and saw by the lights that the elevator was on the top floor.  The empty office was beginning to make something between her shoulder blades itch so she decided not to wait, instead heading towards the stair well.

‘It’s only two flights, the stairs will be good for me.’

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