Writing Prompt: The horse stared at him as though suspecting him of nefarious acts.

I’ll be honest, I saw this prompt show up last week and I had no clue what would possibly come of it. I am as curious to see what comes out of my brain as anyone else possibly could be. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Okay that is interesting. I feel like if I took another fifteen minutes I have a better handle on more of the story, but I like the elements that came out.

Wednesday, November 23rd: The horse stared at him as though suspecting him of nefarious acts.

The horse stared at him as though suspecting him of nefarious acts.  Mike stared back strongly suspecting the same of the horse.

“His name is bandit,” the ranch owner said.

“Is that so,” Mike replied.

“He’s gentle,” the man, Charlie, continued either not hearing the dry one or choosing to ignore it.  “We use him with all of our first timers.”

Mike nodded.  He was a first timer.  He didn’t want to be.  He would rather be a no timer.  But here he was.  On a Dude range.  About to climb onto a horse.  He wondered if that made him a dude and if so what the connotations implied. As he pondered such thoughts, he stepped forward.  Since he knew that the time passed for him to get out of it, he figured he might as well get it over with.  Bandit continued to eye him warily.

“It’s not like this was my choice either,” he said to the horse under his breath.  Mike slipped a foot into the stirrup, gripped the saddle horn as he had been shown and heaved himself into the saddle.  He managed to throw his leg over the animal with a minimum of fuss and miraculously found himself sitting in the saddle atop the horse.

The ground looked a lot further away than it was a moment ago.  He looked over and Charlie was nodding approvingly.  “All that fuss and you’re a natural,” Charlie said. 

Charlie moved to his own horse and mounted swiftly swinging himself into the saddle with practiced ease.  To Mike it seemed like he glided there, ground to saddle in one easy sweeping movement.  As he watched Charlie mount his horse, Mike wondered if Charlie was being sarcastic or if he had dealt with so many tourists that complementing them on their inept or at best mediocre skills was habit.  All of Charlie’s words came out in the same basic monotone and sounded as though he was only half paying attention to those around him.  Without inflection mike found it hard to gauge the man’s intentions.

He was however certain he was not a natural.

Nothing felt natural about being atop the horse as he and Charlie started to ride out of the barn.  The horse seemed to know what was expected so Mike just sort of sat there.  He kept the reins in his hands and tried not to pull too hard at them a he was shown.  Since the same people who told him that were the ones to show him how to get into the saddle he hoped there advice on this would be just as good. 

At the moment it seemed it was.  Bandit followed Charlie and his horse.  They left the bard and headed out intp the open area.  They skirted around practice rings and slowly made their way towards the trail head.   Bandit had an easier time following along as they entered the trail.  It wasn’t that wide and there was less temptation to veer out into the open than there was in the barn or yard area. 

Once he was certain he wouldn’t fall off and the horse knew what to do, Mike tried to relax.  He hadn’t wanted to come.  He had the vacation time sure, but he had plans for it.  Those plans were scuppered by his best friend and roommate’s new love affair.  Steve was once again in love.  This time with Sharron.  Sharron wanted to go to the ranch, so Steve wanted to go too.  Sharron was bringing her friend Gina so Steve brought him.

Mike distinctly remembered telling Steve no, but somehow he still ended up here.

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