The Grimm Expansion Project: January 5th, 2023

Welcome to The Grimm Expansion Project. This year I am going to be taking various lesser known fairy tales from The Grimm’s Complete book of Fairy Tales (Doubleday, 1960) and treat them as basic outlines for stories. I am choosing them at random and simply opening the book and flipping a few pages to find a story i don’t know very well. The first story chosen was called Mother Hulda. On Tuesday I posted the full original as it came frim the book. For those of you writing along side me, I hope that gave you a chance to think about how you would expand it out, what changes you would make and how you would bring it to life. As with many of the stories they do not show rather than tell. They are all about telling in the same manner as a police report. The goal is to fill out the spaces between the lines and make these into full realized stories.

As I was writing this one, iI realized it was going to be longer than one post could handle. And so this is Part 1 of the story with part 2 coming in on Tuesday, January 10th. The original was posted on January 3rd, for those wanting to compare or refresh. And so with that introduction on with the story.

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