The Grimm Expansion Project: Mother Hulda Part 3

Good afternoon one and all. This year I am taking some fairytales from The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales and I am breaking them out into longer stories. I really like this in general as a writing exercise because the stories are often told so matter-of-factly. They list the event’s like bullet points. Take Mother Hulda for instance, which is the story I am currently breaking out. If you look at the original (Posted January 3rd for those looking the link will take you there) It just tells you the basics. A widow favored her lazy daughter over the industrious tep-daughter. The step daughter was made to spin until her hands bled and she dropped the spindle in the well. Each of her adventures is listed out simply. There is no detail, now emotion, not even any names. It is the bare bones of a story. An initial outline.

Which is how I am taking the story. It is an outline where I get to fill in the rest. New posts for The Grimm Expansion Project will be posted around mid day each Tuesday and Thursday. As the story of Mother Hulda is much longer than practical for one post as those details I added have expanded it past the few paragraphs in the original I am breaking it into parts. Once Mother Hulda has completed posting, we will move on to another story in the book.

This is Part 3 of the story the Grimm’s Fairy tales labeled Mother Hulda.

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