The Grimm Expansion Project: Mother Hulda Part 5

Welcome once again to The Grimm Expansion project. This year I am taking various overlooked stories from the Complete Grimm’s Fairytales and breaking them out into longer tales. while I generally enjoy a good fairy tale and most of their adaptations, I also find this to be a fantastic writing exercise. The stories as they are written in the collections are short outlines of tales. To see the full story you have to read between the lines. Plus some of them tend to give lessons that are not exactly the lesson I would take from the tale. The attempt this year is not to go historical but to simply use the tale as it is written as a basic outline. I thought when I started this story that it would be pretty cut and dried. I thought that since it had a clear beginning, middle and end it would be a short easy to tell tale. As I am getting into it though, I am seeing so many places where it could be expanded and played with. It started as a general writing challenge for myself (and those who chose to take the original story and expand it out for themselves. It remains so, but I have to admit, I am having quite a lot of fun with this one. i expected to post the original on a Tuesday and my adaptation on the following Thursday. Then I planned to start a new tale on the next Tuesday. I thought maybe there would be a few stories that would go for two posts. But as you can see Mother Huda is on Post number 5 and still it is not done. I can’t complain as I am enjoying the tale. Hopefully you are too. And so we shall continued with Part Five of Mother Hulda.

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