Upcoming Prompts for the Week of January 23rd – 27th, 2023

Wow January flew by. But even though there were a few minor things, they were all good things and nothing crazy. I like when a month rolls by with nothing crazy. It makes me happy. This week’s prompts didn’t grab me as much as they usually do. There was one that I thought was okay and today’s that I really think I can get somewhere with, but the rest of this week’s prompts were more of a mental clearing. Which is fine, that is all they are supposed to do. Getting a story idea I want to work on is just a bonus. Usually though I get characters or settings from the ones where the story line isn’t the thing. I think it might be because I just started working on a new story so my brain is kind of occupied with that. I have found that I am not as enamored of the writing prompt ideas when I am working on a story. When I am editing I am often in love with most of them. I guess it is about mindset. Maybe later i’ll look back through these and like them more. Which is why I save them all.

So shall we see what prompts we will be working with next week?

Monday, January 23rd: It needs longer in the oven.

Tuesday, January 24th: Waves lapped gently against the sugar white sand.

Wednesday, January 25th: Thunderclouds loomed on the horizon.

Thursday, January 26th: It was a Tuesday.

Friday, January 27th: Mice could be heard scurrying through the walls.

And now, I will shake my head like an etch-a-sketch and pretend I didn’t see these until they appear on their given day. I look forward to seeing what comes out of them. Have a great weekend everyone.

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