Upcoming Prompts for January 30th -February 3rd, 2023

Boy this year is chugging right along isn’t it? Next week starts February. I’ve already started getting Valentines day sales announcements. Its always fun to get those when other companies are still pushing the new year, new you sort of things. But I guess everyone’s sales calendar knows no break anymore. I suspect this year Valentines sales will roll into St. Pat’s sales and then Easter and mother’s day with a long unbroken chain until the end of the school year and summer sales begin. Ah retail panic.

But the economy is not what we are here to discuss. Oh now, we are here to look at the prompts for next week. Are you ready to se what we will be working with?

Monday, January 30th: Don’t forget to taste your seasoning before you serve.

Tuesday, January 31st: So many diamonds glittered that the room seemed to contain trapped stars.

Wednesday, February 1st: Candles flickered.

Thursday, February 2nd: The scent of the furniture polish stained the air.

Friday, February 3rd: The cut bled sluggishly.

I really like the mix of long and short sentences. I generally find I write differently depending on which I start with. I think it is that longer sentences seem to contain a different tone than the shorter ones. But that could just be me. Regardless it is time to forget about the sentences until they appear as prompts to be written. I’ll see you next week when we will tackle the first of them. Until them have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.


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