Writing Prompt: So many diamonds glittered that the room seemed to contain trapped stars.

Morning all. Actually I got up on time it was the computer that decided to sleep in. Or reconfigure. This morning it decided it needed a bit more alone time, so I am running a little but behind. The computer now seems to be happier though, so that is something. Anyway, ready for the morning prompt? Fabulous, let’s go.

I kind of like the set up. I’ll need to figure out what the charity is and do a little more thinking about Kevin, but it is an interesting start for a rainy Tuesday morning. And not actually where I thought my brain would go with this sentence. I love when i surprise myself.

Tuesday, January 31st: So many diamonds glittered that the room seemed to contain trapped stars.

So many diamonds glittered that the room seemed to contain trapped stars.  As Kevin made his way around the room, talking, laughing and occasionally dancing, he e was convinced that those in the room thought of themselves that way as well.  They were captured stars, wrangled by the need to be seen to do good works into the room.

He did his part, but it galled him.  Each of those in this room alone could have given enough to make a sizable dent in the problem.  If each gave the same amount then the problem could be fixed.  All of the repairs made and everything would be fine.  However in order to get them to spend the money, it seemed they needed a public even in which to wear their finest and be seen giving the money.

Otherwise they wouldn’t give. 

So Kevin did his best to make sure everyone felt as though they were the stars of his universe.  He was polite and complementary.  The fact that his comments and attention never boarded on the sycophantic as many of the others in the room did, meant that they found him a delight and kept coming back to hem for more instead of moving on.

It was a draining experience and by the time the event neared its conclusion he felt spent.  Still he smiled as the director took the stage and announced that the goal was met, that everyone in here had done a fine job showing their support for a worthy cause.  Those who gave preened at the praise and Kevin felt a deep satisfaction in being able to help coax many of those around him into giving what they could easily afford to a charity they proclaimed to support.

That was when the lights went out.  There were titters of nervousness but mostly amusement.

“I suppose we should have given a little extra to pay the light bill,” someone joked.  There were hearty laughs in the darkness.

“We are working to restore power,” the director said. “Please if everyone will just stay seated.

Kevin stayed where he was.  He felt people moving in the crowd but none moved near him.  They seemed to be on eh other side of the room.

“I suspect that’s where the power box is,” he said when a woman nervously commented on those moving around. She gripped his hand and he realized she was afraid of the dark.

“Oh,” she said.  “That explains it.” She didn’t let go of his hand.

Shortly after the movement the lights returned. The lady smiled and withdrew her hand.  He smiled politely.  ‘Our little secret,’ he thought. Those nearest him looked relieved. He smiled.  “At least that’s over with,” he said he politely enquired as to the wellbeing of those around him.  The nervous lady nearest him took the time to compose herself and shot him a grateful look.  He oddly felt he had done something worthwhile with his night. 

That was when the exclamations began.

“”My watch,” someone exclaimed.

“My necklace,” said another.

Earrings, bracelets and rings were also listed among the missing. Kevin had those nearest him check for missing items but it seemed they were left intact.  It was the other side of the room that took the hit.


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