Upcoming Prompts for March 20th – 24th, 2023

And so another week closes. There were some interesting prompts in there and I have at least one story that I definitely want to dip back into. And that is not a bad thing to have in the pocket. So shall we see what sort of mayhem we are looking at going into next week?

Monday, March 20th: He went for a walk.

Tuesday, March 21st: There are clearly bears in the area.

Wednesday, March 22nd: He checked to see if he was alone.

Thursday, March 23rd: And you think this plan is sustainable?

Friday, March 24th: Leaves crunched underfoot.

Oh now don’t those look like pretty sentences? Can’t you just feel the stories waiting to wriggle free? But they must wait until next week. For now it is enough that they are there waiting. So go celebrate Saint Patrick’s day. Drink green beer and yell at snakes to hit the road, jack. No one wants you on this Island. If you are on an island. which after a few green beers you might be. But that is between you and those evil Leprechauns I see eying you from the corner.

Happy Saint Pats!


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