Writing Prompt: It was a freshwater creek.

welcome to Friday everyone. Are we all still in tact? I feel like this week might have just taken a bite out of me when i wasn’t looking. But I think that also might be the time change. An hour was stolen from me in the morning and I won’t be happy about it until there is once again daylight when I wake up. But that is beside the point. Let’s get on with today’s writing prompt. Anyone writing along wiggle those fingers and do some deep brain bends because here we go!

I like this one. I wasn’t entirely sure where it was going, but I kind of have an inkling. I will have to figure out more of the group dynamic before I figure out ways to break it apart, but I think it is a good start to be wickedly evil with people’s personal lives. Fictional people of course. I leave real people to do their own things.

Friday, March 17th: It was a freshwater creek.

It was a freshwater creek.  At the mouth it was a bit brackish but the further inland we walked the sweeter it became.  That was such a relief.  Thus far it was the first source of freshwater we had found on the island.  For the moment we had plenty of food but our water supply was dwindling rapidly. 

Kyle called a halt when we were above the brackish mix and had us boil some of the water for purification.  After boiling, we lay in the grass waiting for the water to cool enough to be put into the now empty canteens and water barrels. 

I lay back in the grass feeling content.  We were still stuck on an unknown island and had no way off, but at the moment we were not starving or dying of thirst.  I hadn’t realized how deeply the water shortage was bothering me until it was solved. 

Now the world looked like a brighter place.  The island wasn’t that bad.  Even though we had managed to salvage most of our food store and wouldn’t run out of meals for at least six months, the island had plenty of fruit and nut trees.  As far as islands went, it wasn’t a bad one to be cast ashore on.  With the fresh water now squared away I was beginning to feel that we were quite lucky in our arrival. 

“The water should be cool enough,” Steph said.  I sat up and looked over.  Her face was pinched and she looked haggard.  Before boarding the ship she lived all of her life within the same six miles.  She traveled from home to school and back again.  Even university was less than six miles from her house.  She lived at home and traveled between university and home.  After graduation she got a job three miles in the other direction and managed to find an apartment two blocks over from her parents. 

They say travel is broadening but I didn’t think Steph would be of that opinion.  When we got back I doubted she would ever leave her six block comfort range again.

‘Maybe it’s all this nature,’ I decided as I stood up and walked over with my canteen to get it refilled and to help refill all of the water jugs.  There was a small park within the six mils of Steph’s range.  I once asked her about it and she said she had never been.  When I asked why, she said it was because she didn’t have a dog.

The clipped grass of the park was too much nature for her.  I doubted she was enjoying the nature surrounding her now.

“How are you doing?” I asked as I started to refill my canteen.  Her scowl deepened.

“Don’t think I have forgotten who set up this trip,” she snapped.

“Kyle,” I responded. 

She darted her eyes to Kyle.  Tall, blond and model perfect we had his chiseled profile as he gazed off into the distance.

“So you say,” she said.  I snorted.  I should have known she would never have believed Kyle would commit any act that lead to her being uncomfortable.  She wouldn’t admit any wrong doing on Kyle’s part.  I knew she knew he cheated on her multiple times.  She would usually ignore that as well, sometimes claiming they were lying just because they wanted him.  She was my friend but where Kyle was concerned she was blind.  Suddenly I found that irritating.

“I Say because it’s true,” I told her. I took my filled canteen away and decided I didn’t want to help her full up the large jugs for the camp site.  Let someone else help her for once.


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