Writing Prompt: He slipped on his boots.

Morning all. I hope you are feeling splendid this morning. I am feeling a bit draggy. I had one of those dreams that you can’t remember but you know you spent the entire night running and somehow feel like it when you wake up. I wouldn’t mind that so much if I could just remember what I was running from. Regardless it is time for the morning writing prompt. So set those timers because off we go.

Oh so many ways this can go. I don’t know exactly what is making the lights and the noise and will figure out so I can be more specific. But I think John may have to fight for his town, or get caught up in a town wide take over or something. I don’t think it is aliens or illegal drugs. I think it is going to be something corporate. I am going to have fun with this storyline.

Thursday, May 25th: He slipped on his boots.

He slipped on his boots.  This time there was no one stopping him.  No one to question him or make him feel stupid. There was no one to doubt him.  He saw the lights and heard the noise and knew something was going on. 

His ears turned pink and he tightly laced his boots and then stood.  The others teased him about UFOs and aliens every time he mentioned the sounds.  So he stopped mentioning them even though hs still heard the sounds and occasionally saw the lights.  The lights dimmed after he told those with him about the sounds. 

‘And the last time they heard,’ he thought.  He knew they had. 

The teasing had gotten so bad, he hadn’t mentioned it in over a month but the last couple of times he heard the sounds he wasn’t alone.  He kept quiet and watched the others.  They always started at the sounds and then pretended they hadn’t heard.  John didn’t believe in aliens.  He didn’t believe any extra terrestrial creatures were taking an extra special interest in the wild areas of his county, out beyond the property line.  But something was going on.  The fact that everyone made certain to correct him when he mentioned it, made him suspicious. 

He told the others he was out of town for the week.  He drove his car to town and then hiked back to the house.  It was a long walk, but it was shortened through use of the old half hidden trails he used as a child.  While most of those he knew moved in in the last few years, he grew up here and had been taught some of the older pathways by his grandfather. 

‘At this point most of the town’s population was fairly new, arriving in the last fifteen years.  Unlike some of the town’s originals, he didn’t mind the additions.  He just wasn’t above using some of the homegrown advantages he had at his disposal on occasion.  This was one of those occasions. 

The hike took him most of the day, but it was a beautiful day and a pleasant hike.  It reminded him of how little time he took off these days for such pursuits. He reached home at dusk and snuck into his own house the same way he had as a teenager and the house belonged to his parents.   Then he spent the week being quiet.  He turned on no lights, unless they were in the basement and he even camped out in the basement, in case anyone peeked in the windows.  The first time he heard the sounds and saw the lights, he didn’t investigate.  He kept quiet so they would know he was truly gone.  He even kept quiet the second time.

After he noticed things, the sounds quieted.  They were still muffled that first visit, but they didn’t bother the second time out.  He figured they truly believed he was gone.  Now on this third visit, he decided it was time.  While he didn’t believe in aliens, he doubted what was going on was legal, he had his cell phone set to call emergency services with one touch of a button and he picked up his grandfather’s old service revolver.  He wasn’t much for guns but he knew how to use them.  He spent the week cleaning and readying this gun and now it was loaded.  He hoped he didn’t have to use it, but he knew he would if need be. Before he left, he clipped on a small camera to record tonight’s adventure.  He suspected if he was caught, his phone might be taken, but he doubted anyone would look for an extra camera.  He turned the camera on to begin recording and slipped out of the back door.


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