Upcoming Prompts for the week of December 21st – 25th

Happy Friday! Posted below you will find the Writing Prompts for next week. As always you are welcome to do them along with me, mix them up and do them on different days or select only a few to do on the days you want to do them. I post them independently for you dodo with as you wish so that you can write on them without being influenced by what my brain came up with for the prompt. Then of course you can look at what you wrote and then see what I wrote. I love comparing writing from prompts. Almost everyone seems to come up with a totally different response. Always fun.

To the Prompts…

Monday, December 21st: It is a master of deception.

Tuesday, December 22nd: The bell kept ringing.

Wednesday, December 23rd: For once, he was rendered speechless.

Thursday, December 24th: And so, we start again.

Friday, December 25th: This is exactly what I pictured.

An interesting selection with many sentence starters that can be taken in many different ways. I love that. Now I am going to pretend I didn’t see the list, and forget about the prompts until I actually do them. It’s better that way.


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