Writing Prompt: He made himself some lunch.

Happy Monday everyone. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Our fridge is stuffed with left over lamb and we have more than two thirds of a carrot cake under a cloche on the counter. And yes, this morning part of me tried to find a way to justify carrot cake for breakfast. I couldn’t and so the cloche remained in place. It was hard though. The carrot came came out really well this time. But if I don’t distract myself from thoughts of cake, I will just decide a mid morning snack is in order, so it is time to start the day and pretend the cake isn’t there. Ready to join me in a writing prompt? excellent.

I think this turned into an excellent example of procrastination. Not much detail to the story, but I kind of like the character.

Monday, April 5th: He made himself some lunch.

He made himself some lunch.  Under the circumstances, it seemed the sanest thing to do.  He went into the kitchen and began pulling items from the fridge.  In a few minutes he had various sandwich meats and cheeses, along with a veritable battalion of condiments, lined up across the counter.  He looked over his available bread selection.  There was one hoagie roll left that wasn’t too stale.  He decided it would do.

‘After all tomorrow it might be too stale to use,’ he thought.  The thought brought other issues surfacing and he ruthlessly squashed them.  He was making a sandwich, nothing more. He took a serrated knife to the hoagie roll and sliced viciously through the center, carving it diagonally in a sawing motion.

Studying the lineup of elements, he chose the spicy stone ground mustard and squirt it onto the lower half of the roll.  A butter knife soon had the snaky line flattened into a thin covering over the entire exposed interior of bread. From there, he actual decisions were made.  He simply went down the line of meats and cheese layering them over the mustard.  When he reached the end of the line, he went back to the beginning and added a second layer.  No meat or cheese was skipped.

Deciding the double layer was enough, he added a smear of mustard on the top layer of bread Closed the sandwich and sawed it in half.  He moved the sandwich from the cutting board to a plate and began ferrying his ingredients back to the fridge.  Meats and cheeses went away and then he followed with the various sized bottles and jars.  When they were all away, je pulled the pickle jar from the fridge, added a spear to his plate and put it back in he fridge.

Knowing that once his sandwich was eaten,. He would have to start actually dealing with the effects of his somewhat calamitous morning, He tok the time to wipe down the counter and cutting board as well as wash both the bread and butter knives.  As he slipped them into the holder on the drying rack he tried to convince himself that he was being thorough instead of delaying. 

He almost believed himself, but couldn’t quite get there. 

He took his plate to the table, sat down in front of it and began to eat.  He bit in thoughtfully chewing each bite.  Letting the various tastes from the deli meats and cheeses roll over his tongue.  He had forgotten he picked up salami when he was last in the grocery store.  Tasting it now, he reminded himself to pick up more. 

In the back of his mind, he realized he was tasting and chewing, acting more the connoisseur and masticator than usual.  He knew on a normal day, he could have consumed the entire sandwich and been back to work in his home office in under five minutes. Now it took him twice that to get through the first half.

When he reached the end of the first half, he realized he hadn’t secured a beverage and added an additional delay to finishing his lunch by getting up and pouring a glass of lemonade from the pitcher in the fridge.  When he returned to his plate and saw only half the sandwich and pickle spear remaining, he realized time was running short.  Soon he would have to figure out his response.  Soon he would need to have a plan.  He could only stall with luch for so long. Soon, things would need to change.  This time when he sat down, he let the events of the morning spin through his head instead of keeping them walled away.  With his first bite, he began to review his options.

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