The Fifteen Minute Novel: Day 153

The fifteen minute novel writing experiment is a attempt to write a complete (and very rough) draft of a novel by writing for fifteen minutes each day. I have taken a timed writing from one of the daily prompts done in 2021, cleaned it up a little and used it as my jumping off point into a story. Each day I will take the last line of the story written the day before and use it as my sentence starter and write for fifteen minutes, growing the story as the year progresses.

Day 153: It was even a relief to see Deran’s anger.

It was even a relief to see Deran’s anger.  When she discussed what little she discussed with Marta, there was almost a feeling of inevitability that she felt from the older woman.  Anya had something, or Lord Mathis thought she did, and so he tried to claim it for himself.  While Anya felt that Marta disapproved of his actions, she didn’t feel the same anger that Anya felt.

Anya chalked it up to the fact that she was the one who was kidnapped and who Lord Mathis attempted to starve to start her magic working.  It was a relief to see that anger reflected on someone else’s face.  It made her feel better about her own anger.

Deran took a deep breath. His partially see through image wavered as though he were a reflection on the water and there was a slight breeze skittering across the surface.  “My apologies for the interruption,” Declan said. “Clearly you managed to escape this Mathis.  I am pleased he is no longer a concern. Please continue with your tale.””

“Well he is still slightly concerning,” Anya said.  She told him of finding the House of the Star and her attempt to blend in with the other women.  She told of her meeting with Marta by the stone basin and the visions she saw within. Declan nodded as he spoke.

“She would not have been able to actually influence your thoughts,” Deran said.  “With the others, she would soothe fears and incline them towards making a choice that was suitable for themselves despite their fear or pasts. With you this Marta could only ask you questions and accept the decisions you chose o make.  It has always been so between the two paths.”

“Two paths?” Anya asked.  “Is this why the …magic she said I have is different from that of the others here?”

“In a sense.  There are those the Moon has marked as its own,” Deran said.  He gestured towards his arm and Anya nodded.  “We possess the ability to learn and do magic of a variety of sorts.  Those the House of the Star seems to gather have a singular talent.  This talent is not always comfortable to live with in everyday life and so the house of the Star was formed as a place for those with those singular talents.  They could live and work in safety, each no longer strange for their talent.  They then pool their resources so to speak to assist in others who have not quite found their place in finding one suitable for them.  Once we called them the Daughters of the Sun as we are the children of the moon.”

“Only daughters?” Anya asked.

Deran smiled.  “There are sons born as well.  Somehow they never seemed to have as much of an issue in using their skills to find a place and excel in their chosen fields.  Perhaps it is because so many more courses of actions are available to them.  It allows them to find places that suit their talents instead of having to adapt their talents to suit the places where they are placed.”

“I see,” Anya said.  She nodded.  While the boys she knew growing up tended to follow in the professions of their father’s there were always exceptions.  Women had fewer options. 

“So the Star helps women,” Anya said the pieces finally fitting together a little better than her earlier reading led her to understand.

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